eBay issue--what would you do?

72 hours ago I bought a number of items from a seller with a 99.3% positive feedback. The listings indicated that because of the number of items I bought, not only did I qualify for reduced shipping ($3 plus $1 per additional item, instead of $3 per item), but also for a 25% discount on my entire order.

The invoice from eBay included none of this–it just added up the price of the items and their indivdual shipping, of course. So I requested the total from the seller, and waited.

24 hours later, I requested the total again.

24 hours later (now), I sent an email to the seller, in case the requests hadn’t gone through.

What would you do in this situation? I’d really like to pay, but I’d really like to hear from the seller first. This appears to be a high volume seller, receiving about a dozen feedbacks every day, all of them reporting marvelously smooth transactions.

At what point do I talk to eBay about it?

Oh, sorry. Guess I made my purchase 48 hours ago, not 72. Still. Two days to give me my total and get my money?

This happened to me once. My assumption was that because I won the auction for a fairly low price, the seller didn’t want to sell it to me. I never got a reply and ended up leaving negative feedback for her after waiting for about 10 days for a response.

It was strange because she had 100% positive feedback, with over 200 transactions.

I contacted eBay but they told me to phone her. She lives in Florida, I am in Canada. There was no way I was going to pay long-distance charges to talk to someone so rude about a $2.99 item.

In your case, I would wait a few more days at least before taking any further steps. Perhaps the seller is on vacation or having computer problems or something?

You could just compute your price based on the discounts and then send the seller your money with a note explaining how you calculated your payment. If you don’t hear from the seller by Friday, this is what I’d do to prevent negative feedback or a no-pay charge from eBay. But I wouldn’t panic for a few more days.

I’d hang for an email response before sending a payment.

As others have posted, the person could just be away for the weekend. Even if he/she is unhappy about the cost of the auction, if they are honest, they won’t be willing to blow their hard-earned positive feedback.

There’s a place on the “pay now” page to add “seller discounts”. Just enter -12.00 or whatever until it’s the correct total and then pay it.

First you have to realize the seller doesn’t have to sell to you or contact you or do anything, despite the hype the eBay spews and they can’t make him.

Now eBay does have a reporting system:

http://pages.ebay.com/help/contact_us/_base/index_selection.html this will allow you to report the seller and protect yourself from any non-paying “strikes”, and perhaps get the seller’s attention.

You can also as has been noted, pull his contact info and try to call. Do not pay any money, until you receive a formal invoice with the correct amount. You don’t want to have to the seller have your money and demand the remainder before they release your goods, because you read their instructions “wrong”.

Re-read their auction and see if they have an alternate email address or invoicing system that they require you use to generate an invoice.

Now of course they could be out of town, have computer problems or any number of reasonable excuses. However, that’s not your problem or responsibility, your responsibility is to protect yourself and your funds.

You are using a credit card to fund this purchase, right?

The seller has listed new lots every morning since my purchase, so she is online and active. I went through her feedback yesterday to see what the (small number of) negative feedback said, and it was always “doesn’t answer email, doesn’t give adjusted totals.”

The sale should definitely be worth it for her–I bought seventeen items at Buy It Now prices. I don’t know what her problem is.

As others said, this person is obviously a high volume seller who can’t answer every e-mail timely. Add up what you owe and send it to her- I’m sure you’ll get a response if your payment amount is unsatisfactory.