ebay items that boggle my mind

I always thought it was the other way around.

Bad News Baboon, how do you get that leathery nipple look on the buttons? I’m impressed!

Those nipple buttons are awesome! I want a pair(it’d be hysterical to present a pair of them to my boyfriend, as he has one normal nipple, and one permanently inverted one)! If you ever do find an appropriate pierced one to use, let us know, I’ll buy em! :slight_smile:


Didn’t someone sell “a stick” (literally just a stick you would find in the woods) for like $800 on eBay once? I swear I remember seeing that. Another classic is “I will kick your ass.” That actually got like 6 bids IIRC.

Oh yea, CRorex, what’s the url for that site?

behold the power of photoshop!

And here’s a news article on the ebay way of life:

Looks like ebay is on Newsweek’s cover.

I just found thiswhile browsing the Big Ticket section.

How about the magenta/taupe circus room from “Trading Spaces?”

(The air drums are HILARIOUS, especially the guy’s description.)

Surely that is a UL.
The Pentagon does not say “Oh my God!”; the Pentagon says “I see, Sir.” while they call up J. Edgar Hoover.

What about the kid who auctioned off his virginity?

I used to sell penis-shaped soap on a rope. :slight_smile: In the Adult Section, of course. Sold quite a few of them until I got tired of unmolding them–those babies are not easy to get out of the mold!

i once sold an Xbox box…yes the empty carton that the xbox came in and stated VERY clearly exactly what it was in capital letters etc and it sold for $325 lol

You did good, ** jonpluc **. Hmm. I must have some boxes around here… :slight_smile:

Checked back to how much the fools bid it up to but it’s been pulled.

Ok laugh if you want but I currently am the winning bidder for this

Oh the thrill of the hunt.

You dummy! Now EVERYONE will bid on it! er, a!


The place to obtain ORIGIONAL US army surplus materials!
If the military used it at one point, you can buy it.

oh also!

I’ve heard all sorts of stories about what you can buy.

Dearmed torpedoes, bits of helicopter, training manuals. And given how most often some private is the one responsible for lugging the stuff around every now and then you get stuff you shouldn’t…

Like the guy who bought 4 torpedoes and got two live ones.

How about this one:

Cranial advertising

Or this one:

More cranial advertising