eBay rocks!

My company is moving into a new building, and we’ve been looking for some cubicles so we can cram more people into the office. I never knew how expensive these things were, around $4000 a seat brand-new. We need eight, so that comes out to over $30,000 in total. Not a paltry sum, especially considering that they’re essentially just plastic, nylon and foam.

The space we’re going to put them in is rather oddly shaped, so we need a specific size, and these have proven rather hard to find used. But, the other night, we found some on eBay that will fit perfectly. Eight cubicles, with desks, file cabinets, the works. All the right size. The only catch is that we have to go to New York City and disassemble/cart them away ourselves, but that’s fine.

Anyway, these things cost upwards of $30,000 new. They’re four years old. Guess what we just won the auction for?


Damn. I should use eBay more often.