GameCubes on Ebay?

I’m seeking to get a GameCube on eBay, 'cus I haven’t owned a game system since NES.

I have some questions:

If one goes to the lowest priced systems, there are several gamecubes going for 1 cent. About how high do these auctions go? I have seen some of them end at 1 cent without any bids…will these people just take your 25$ shipping and take 1 bad feedback?

Is there anything I should know about buying them online? Do I want to make sure it is factory sealed? Anything else I should know?


I don’t know about getting one on eBay, but Wal-Mart is having a hell of a sale on Gamecubes tomorrow. It think you get a Cube, the newest Zelda game and a carrying case for $80. The sale is only from 6 a.m. to 11 a.m.

The current gimmick is a Zelda “Collector Disc” with the two NES games, the two N64 games, and a demo of the GC game. Many people are buying the set for $70, keeping the bonus disc, and reselling the Cube for what they can get.

Thanks for clearing that up BraheSilver

$25 sounds like way too much for shipping. The GC isn’t that heavy.

If you want to get an idea of how much GameCubes really sell for on eBay, try searching in completed items.

Isn’t this going to be one of those auctions where you’re not actually buying the item, you’re just buying information on where you can supposedly get the item for a low price?

the 1 cent deal on Ebay is just the opening bid, though 25 bucks is high (think S+H charges of $8 on a 99 cent item). If you want quality get an X-Box (I have that as well as GC and PS2) and the GC and PS2 are being sold.

Best bet (everyone listen up!) go to a pawn shop that is established. They buy product at an average of 40% of what they paln to sell it for, so you can go in and know what they might take on an offer of the listed price. I have no idea why people don’t persue this avenue more often.

$700 Philips surround sound system bought over a year ago for $380, and never had a problem

The other obvious tip is not only to look at the seller’s feedback, but click on some of the item links in the feedback page - if they are currently selling plasma screens and games consoles, extensive positive feedback on sales of nothing but LED keychains and baseball caps doesn’t carry any weight at all (and may in fact be indicative of a hijacked account).

As Jplacer said, it’s probably worth getting one of the bundles. Especially if you can get a Zelda bonus disc - damn Nintendo for releasing all this cool stuff bundled with consoles. :slight_smile:

Might I add that you also should obtain the following titles (in descending order of urgency): Super Smash Brothers: Melee, Metroid Prime, Zelda 9 (that’s Wind Waker - and only if you don’t get it with the console, obviously), Pikmin, and Eternal Darkness. Oh, and Animal Crossing, if you’re that way inclined.

Alright, here ends the hijack.

~ Isaac

Went down and snagged one. Thanks for the heads up!

Just a general Ebay tip that would have helped answer the OP. In Ebay, hit the search button, and then the “Advanced Search” tab. Search for your item, but check the “Completed Items only” box. Presto, a recent history of what the item in question has sold for.