Echo & The Bunnymen?

What hit by “Echo & The BUnnymen” was popular around 1987-88? I’ve found some discographies, but no titles sound familiar. Still, I am almost certain there was one hit that should stand out from this time period. I admit, I used to mix them up with Elvis Costello, so maybe I’m totally whacky?

As an example of being whacky, I thought “Allison” was by Echo & The Bunnymen while “Veronica” was by Elvis Costello…but I see these are both Elvis Costello hits, correct?

Lips Like Sugar?

Lips Like Sugar. Probably the only song I know by them.

ETA Alison is definitely by Elvis Costello.

Did Lips Like Sugar have some sort of resurgence in the 90’s? I remember that song getting a lot of play in the mid 90’s, maybe even in 96-97 when I first started driving. I wouldn’t remember it if the only time it was in heavy rotation was in the late 80’s.

Killing Moon is probably what you’re after.

There was a minor hit by The Mighty Lemon Drops in 88/89 called “Inside Out” that I was always confusing with Echo & The Bunnymen.

Thanks! I’ll check these titles out on Youtube…including The Mighty Lemon Drops…to see if any ring a bell! Thank goodness for Youtube!!!

“Bring on the Dancing Horses” was on the Pretty in Pink soundtrack, which sold about a bazillion copies in 1986.

“Bring on the Dancing Horses” was on the Pretty in Pink soundtrack.


I got to know the through the Donnie Darko soundtrack with Killing Moon.

“The Cutter” is the only song by them I remember getting a lot of play, but it’s from a few years earlier.

All My Colours

Crystal Days

The Back of Love

Never Stop

Ocean Rain

Bunnymen = good band

Killing Moon

The Cutter

Tip of the hat to Pete de Freitas.

I also remember “Bedbugs and Ballyhoo” and “New Direction” getting airplay off that album (Echo and the Bunnymen, released in '87).

The movie “Lost Boys” came out in 1987. The E&tBM song “People are Strange” was on the soundtrack.

“People Are Strange” was a Doors cover. Ray Manzarek of The Doors actually played on it as well as “Bedbugs and Ballyhoo”. If it’s actually E&TB I’m betting the song is “Lips Like Sugar”.

Funny - I was just looking at this song on my playlist today

Got 4 of the songs from that soundtrack on my iPad/iPod playlist. Given there’s only 206 songs on that playlist, that’s a lot of traction.

Yes, it was a cover of a Doors song. Still an E&tB song that was getting major play in 1987 due to the movie.