Ed, when will the search function be fixed?

Ed, when will the search function be fixed?

Works for me.

Or until it’s fixed, maybe we should have a sticky in ATMB about it to save people the trouble of starting new threads every few days.

Search for World Health Organization.

A sticky would be nice, if it honestly addressed rather than ignored this long standing problem, and provided a realistic date by which the problem will be fixed.

My memory may not be serving me well, but I’m sure that a while back, Ed Zotti said that they had more pressing things to attend to, and that the search function was not high in their list of priorities. If I’m wrong, I’m sure someone (Ed, perhaps?) will correct me.

And where’s that frickin’ pony already? And when will I be loved?

Tomorrow. Always tomorrow.

Unfortunately, it’s been almost 2 months since there were any updates to Jerry’s "Current Status of SDMB Upgrade"thread.

I think the most visited page at the SDMB is the one titled This Page Cannot Be Displayed. But, what do you expect? They’re bankrupt, and they’re down to having the franchise flagship senior modding.

Welcome to BizarroDope, where things that don’t need fixing get fixed, and vice versa.

[sub]me not too lazy to not put next sentence in not-bizarro speak[/sub]

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 71 bytes) in /home/straightdope/boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/search.php on line 1156

Now I have to wait 300 seconds to see will it fail again.

Yeah, this is bullshit. I have to wait 5 minutes to change my search (Pit only, thread titles only) from “osama” to “usama”? Please fix.

Yes, because it’s so unreasonable to expect something that you’re paying for and was promised.

This error is trivially fixed! Its a memory limit of 128 megabytes in php.ini. I’ve mentioned this three times now - will they ever notice? The fact of the matter is that Jerry can’t be bothered to fix even trivial things. He’s just too fucking busy.

It strikes me as possible that Jerry, like Cecil, doesn’t even exist. Ed has created so many split fucking personalities for himself that he can no longer keep up.

alterego, every time you post your fix, and every time I expect the PTB to either use your fix to solve the problem, or to have the courtesy to post an explanation as to why the fix does not work.

And what do we get? Nada. It’s like we’re sitting in a big empty hermetically sealed room floating in orbit off Jupiter.

Maybe being more specific will help. Exactly how is this fixed? Edit an entry in php.ini? Edit it exactly how? Can’t hurt to give more details.