Ed - Why was your "Satan has been banned " thread not in the Pit?

I thought all these types of policy questions went there.

The Pit says it’s for “discussion regarding administration of the SDMB”

Personally, I think they belong here, all of them, but I just want to know what the distinction is.

(Or is it just a case of Executive Privilege? That’s OK with me if it is, I understand RHIP.)

That puts you ahead of me. It’s not in my poster jargon file http://netlingo.com/
. B-)

Why, sure weapons grade bullonium, I maybe should explain. It’s military slang for Rank Has It’s Privileges.

Thanks. The stuff you learn here!

Roses are red, violets are blue.
I am schizophrenic, and so am I.

Really? Small world.
But the question was real. I just wondered. No big deal.

Forgot to change your socks, hmmmm? That’s all right, THIS sock has gone to that Great Dryer Black Hole In The Sky.

For the Straight Dope

That was surreal. Sometimes I get the feeling that people have to divide their already limited intelligence between each screen name they have.

Man, my head hurts…

so once again, boys and girls, we have a real example of why drugs are bad mmmmkay . . . . don’t do drugs, mmmmmmkay ?

This is, or was, interesting.

Yeah, almost as good as Me, Myself & Irene, where the cop beats himself to a pulp.

Oh, and Tuba- :smiley:

Was the question THAT outrageous you had to ban him? I was kind of wondering the same thing. All the time you move things to the Pit that used to stay here. Just seems odd, really, but why ban a guy for asking about it?

He wasn’t banned for asking the question. (The answers to which, by the way, are “Ed can put the thread where he damn well pleases,” and “He didn’t create the thread as a policy discussion; it was just an announcement.”) Mr. (or Ms) bullonium was banned for posting in a manner which suggested he/she was mistakenly forgetting to switch to another sock for his/her replies.

(If he/she was trying to be funny, then he/she has discovered the hard way that pretending to be a sockpuppet doesn’t play here in Peoria.)

Now the realquestion: what will it take to save Derleth now that he’s confused Lynn with Tuba?

Well, silly boy, the answer to that question should be obvious… lots and lots of chocolate.

MysterEcks is the winner, with Spoofe a VERY close runner-up. Just so everyone knows…both Tuba and I are VERY fond of chocolate. Very fond. Just in case anyone wants to try to bribe us…not that it’ll do any good for the bribee, mind you. I’m always willing to accept bribes, but I don’t let them influence me. :smiley:

Is Godiva brand okay?

Or would Nestles be an acceptable substitute?

Coldfire wrote:

Tsk tsk tsk. Y’all should know the difference between schizophrenia and multiple-personality disorder. :wink:

It was a pet name…


(Maybe I should just call all the mods ‘Bubba’ and ‘Honey’, like they do in the South.)

[This message not edited by Derleth. Damn.]

really disconnected from reality…
What in hell was going on with WGB? (Sock or no, that was a cool handle) - who was it, and why would they be talking to themselves, even successfully switching identities. What was the point?

I’m so confused…