Ed, WTF?

I am starting a separate thread so I don’t fall on the new “no talking back” rule from the Lynn fiasco. About this:


You have got to be kidding me. If you are that desperate to ban me, just go ahead. It is not like you need some semblance of rules to do what you want in your board anyways.

Only a certifiable idiot would read my post as a threat of any kind. Anyone with a functioning neuron could understand that I meant that if Colibri tried to gotcha-ya me with his stupid stupid “You confessed to playing games” bit I would laugh at his ass so hard that even his mother would deny him.

So if you are sphinctering so hard at the thought of me doing something you can pass as a bannable offense, spare yourself the drama and be done with it before you make more of a fool of yourself.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph, I can believe there is people this stupid.

Surely this, if nothing else must make it obvious that no malice was intended:

Or is the new American way to kill with kindness?

Wait a minute… Ed actually warned you for threatening to make fun of someone?

Go away, or he shall taunt you a second time!

Seriously, Ed. Dude.

I want to see him literally mop a floor with someone’s ass. Sounds counterproductive to me.

Depends on how hairy said ass is I should think.

Is this deliberate or is this the revenge of Gaudere?

For sweeping, sure I totally agree with you, but mopping is a different animal. You need fluid retention for mopping.

“He used… sarcasm…”

I had forgotten about this important factor. An ass would be far more like a squeegee then a mop. Perhaps it could be utilized as an after-mop buffing tool?

“I will restore these hardwood floors to their ORIGINAL SHINE AND LUSTER with your ass, splinters be damned!”

I like it.

Won’t someone think of the assfloormopphobics out there? Believe you me, for the unfortunate sufferers of this affliction, the threat is very real.

Gee, now you had to go and point out he’s posting his threats in the wrong forum – The BBQ Pit instead of a home refurbishing thread in The Barn House – and possibly adding to Sapo’s banning file.

Thanks a lot.

It is my impression that Ed has been completely oblivious to the culture of the pit. He’s on a learning curve as he attempts to work out some bugs on the new rules by participating in the moderation of the pit.

If Billy Mays said this I would actually watch his pitch. :smiley:

Just as long as it’s Billy and not Vince with Shamwow.

Gaudere. Well, actually I do can believe it, but that is not what I was trying to say.
As for mopping floors with hairy assholes, I give you this:



He annoy you too? :smiley:

“You following me, camera guy? I dunno, it sells itself. Those Germans always make good products.”

My impression is of a power trip with a dash of stupidity.

This is Vince with Asswow.

You’re going to spend at least $20 per month on ass. . . .