Ed, WTF?

Whoever’s doing the floor-mopping, especially in a debate, should know shit from shinola.

That’s always been the way in the American South, dear. Bless your sweet little heart.

Well, what if we include Vince and that nut chopper he’s been advertising lately?

Well ain’t you good at damning with faint praise, it’s good to know everyone has a skill at something.

Yeah, the EdBot 2009B model still has some bugs which need to be worked out.

Lamest. Warning. EVAR. And that’s saying something. Shit, Ed, take a fucking chill pill, or go mod in GQ or something, because you sure make yourself look uber-dumb trying to mod the Pit… :rolleyes:

Ed, that is bullshit way out of proportion with what I would expect from you. Are you feeling OK? Sapo could have sassed a musclebound TSA guy in uniform with that “threat” and still gotten on the plane on time.

Oh please, no! GQ is my other sdmb hangout. The last thing I need is Ed trying to micromanage that too.

So saying “bite me” is worthy of a warning (inciting someone to commit assault)?


Isn’t it a little beneath Cecil to be moderating forums?

If you haven’t seen the one that guy does for the chopper thingy, you’re missing the best one:

“You’ll love my nuts.”

I didn’t miss it. I just forgot. But thanks for the ASNER.

“I know what you’re thinking, punk. Was that single-ply or two-ply?..”

That’s the impression I’m getting, too. I would hate to see posters getting caught in the wheels of his “learning curve,” though - drawing an official warning for what Sapo posted is a serious overreaction, in my opinion.

I don’t have time right now, but is anyone else feeling researchy? Seems like it wouldn’t be hard to pull quite a few threatier threat quotes from the Pit to give Ed some perspective.

Maybe we can get a grant.

(And yeah, this warning was pretty loony.)

Oh, HELL yes. I like Ed, really; he’s good at what he’s good at, which is writing and editing. I truly wish he’d go do more of that and leave the day-to-day moderation of the boards to the people who moderate them, well, day to day.

“sphincters be damned as well”?

Ed’s post was almost refreshing for me. I am guilty of the same thing. Posting and not paying attention.
you know I mean that as a compliment Ed. You being way smarter than me and all.Please don’t ban me. At least until my subscription is used up.

You guys gonna get warned for this now, too?