Why didn't these posts in the Pit warrant any mod notice at all?

As we’re all aware, the BBQ Pit has some restrictions on language, including the following:


](http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?t=508858)(bolding mine)

Yet two posters, one of them a mod, have used that language and not been reprimanded in any way:





I reported each post shortly after they appeared, but it’s now been more than 72 hours since the last one was reported, yet I don’t see any admonishment from Miller to either of them.

I know he’s been in the Pit since I reported these posts, tho, and has admonished others for their language:


If Rachellelogram’s post is exempt because she didn’t actually use the word “fuck”, even tho what she said is clearly a variant of the expression(s) which are verboten, what is the excuse for Colibri not receiving even a quick note to refrain? Are mods excused from following the rules?

It certainly seems so, as months ago, samclem was permitted to call me a jackass in ATMB, which then allowed others to pile on with insults, even tho there aren’t supposed to be any in ATMB.

I’m just trying to understand why these posts didn’t even get a note. Thanks.

Prickly situation.

My guess is because you threadshit in the middle of a thread titled “Fuck Cacti” where every post in the thread was a joke about fucking cacti. It’s kind of like a guy robbing a gun store and getting shot by 34 customers - the cacti jokes were already locked and loaded, jumping in front of them waving your arms with that tired “let’s go to the quarry” crap was a sure way to get hit.

Also “go fuck a cactus” isn’t exactly a variant of “go fuck yourself” (and I think the cactus would agree with me on this)

I believe sense of humor implants can be obtained quite cheaply these days, Snowboarder Bo.

Let’s go down to the saguaro and throw Bo on there!

My post did not violate the rules, which you quoted yourself above. I did not use any of those phrases or variants. I told you to fuck a cactus, I didn’t say “Fuck you.”

If you don’t want people insulting you, then stop posting your inane catchphrase, especially in the Pit.

The insult was never anything I protested, either here or in the reports I sent. The issue is that it appears that proscribed language is being used with no intervention from a mod.

How is “fuck a cactus” not a variant of what is listed as being proscribed?

As Gfactor has often said, we’re not going to expand that list by inference. “Fuck a cactus” is not “Fuck you.” I’ll let one of the Pit mods explain their reasoning on “fornicate yourself.”



Not seeing the difference between “fuck off” and “go fuck a cactus”.

I believe I told someone to go fornicate themselves, and when someone complained about it, it was said I was within the rules. I mean, would you also ban “go screw yourself?” Or “screw you?” It’s basically the same thing.

She’s right.

Clarification for those of us who are naturally potty-mouths: is the current interpretation of the rule that you just can’t use the f-word toward someone with that person as the direct object of the verb? Would you say it’s generally true that you can tell someone to go fuck [something]?

I know it might look like I’m trying to point out inconsistency (since obviously telling someone to go fuck a dead baby corpse seems objectively worse than telling them to fuck themselves) in order to demand expanded enforcement, but I’m honestly not. I just want to know how freely I can toss the f-word around. I know you guys are constrained, so I understand if you don’t want to make any definitive statements, but any clarification you could provide would be appreciated.

I think that’s how the rule has been enforced, yes. Gfactor is not around today, but maybe Miller can confirm that when he has time.

If the rules permit “go fuck a cactus” (and it’s not deemed to have been said in jest), then it seems like the whole rule is fucked. So to speak.

“Go fuck a cactus” is in the same category as “go fuck yourself”. Colibri knew that, of course, but being a mod, figured he could get away with it…especially if it’s aimed at Bo.

So lets get rid of the silly rule and allow everyone to be sent to fuck whatever we wish.

Not according to the rules and the way the rules have been enforced.

I know how a lot of people feel about the Pit rules, but it’s not gonna happen.

Can some mod address this, please? I don’t see the difference.

Putting this in the same file as the revelation that we’re not allowed to call non-dopers cunts.