Ed Zotti writes book, begins neighborhood-wide book tour tomorrow 9/4

Ed Zotti, longtime suffering editor to Uncle Cecil, has just published a new book–for more information, review the review that appeared in the Chicago Reader: The Barn House: Misadventures in Urban Rehabbing. (It appears the book is a lot like The Amityville Horror, only with contractors instead of ghosts.)

Moreover, as of tomorrow evening, September 4, 2008, they are rolling out a neighborhood-wide book-signing tour consisting of, it appears, of a total of one (1) location, at 7:30 P.M. at Barnes & Noble Booksellers at Webster Place in Clyburn. (I assume all book-signings have to be within skateboarding distance of his home).

Anyway, due to the lack of advance warning, I unfortunately will not be able to attend, so I shall have to live vicariously through anyone who might show up. And please let us know if Unca Cece makes an appearance.

if Ed is havind a book signing, i can pretty much guarantee Uncle Cecil will be there. :wink:

Hmm… Not too far from me. I might have to stop by tomorrow night. :slight_smile:

Well say hi to Cecil for me if you see him!!!

Oh and - uh - Ed, too. I guess.

Ed’s going to be on the WGN noon news today (Thursday) as well.

AND Milt Rosenberg’s show on Sunday.

And there’s going to be a feature on the house in the Trib.