Eddie Murphy to host next Oscars [then drops out] - Thoughts?

Personally, remembering Murphy’s past & his potential, I think this could be hilarious & wonderful. or it could be a trainwreck.
I’m not sure a “host” is really needed for this shindig. They could transition between segments perfectly fine without one. Of course theyn we would have missed some of Billy Crystal’s classic moments, but we would also have spared David Letterman the embarassment. What do you all think?

Eddie needs a comeback. This could be it. Don’t know if he’s been polishing his comedic chops.

Katt Williams would be funnier (and better dressed that most of the attendees), IMHO.

I just hope The Right Stuff beats The Big Chill!

My vote is for “trainwreck.” You heard it here first.

What’s he thinking… he’s gonna follow James Franco and Anne Hathaway? Onward, brave soldier.

Expectin’ the worst, hopin’ for the best.

Eddie Murphy? The star of Norbit and Pluto Nash? I’m so there!

It depends on what approach he takes to it.
If he goes the “comedic” lost Eddie that people want back it could be great.
If he goes the “I’m a serious actor now” route and just tells the jokes the writers write down for him he could be a bore.
The “out there” comediene/actors (Robin Williams, Jim Carey, Eddie Murphy, Steve Martin, etc.) need to remember why people liked them in the first place and stop trying to get in the actors circle of friends.

He certainly has the ability to be funny, but I don’t know what kind of live chops he has any more. In his day, he was as good as it got.

I’m psyched. I agree it could be boring if he plays it safe. But, as far as chops go … yeah, he hasn’t done stand-up or live performance in a while, but he is so naturally talented. Don’t forget, it started on SNL when he was 19 (I think). And, you don’t lose those kinds of chops completely. I’ve seen a lot of naysaying all over the net, and I just don’t get it. That gig needs a comedian as well as someone good at the MC stuff, and he definitely has the comedian part.

They really need to stop pretending like anyone cares and get a host who can do the job smoothly and quickly. Billy Crystal, Steve Martin, Neil Patrick Harris…there is a substantial list they could choose from.


So what project is he promoting? A new Spring movie, maybe?

It would be so awesome if he came out in that orange suit.

For your listening pleasure, here is a video of Eddie Murphy laughing.

Charlie Murphy is more relevant today than Eddie.

He’s in a new Brett Ratner film (I forget the title) and since Ratner is producing the Oscars…

I honestly think he’ll be pretty good in the role.

And let’s not forget, he’s been nominated before - so he has some Oscar cred.

Wonder if his date will be a transvestite hooker he picks up on Santa Monica Boulevard on the way to the ceremony?

Eddie seems like an odd choice - nothing great of late, but then again, it is not like Billy Crystal has been churning out big hits recently either.

Personally, I would have preferred to see Chelsie Handler or Kathy Griffin do the honors - they have nothing to lose and it would be fun to see them fry the Hollywood crowd live.

Jon Stewart had his shot - it’s Stephen Colbert’s turn.

Eddie Murphy? I thought he was dead!

If Eddie Murphy is hosting, they better have somebody that’s real fast on the “Beep” button.

If he wears fewer than three different fat suits over the course of the show, I’ll be gravely disappointed.

Tower Heist, with Ben Stiller, Mathew Broderick, and others.

movie poster with names: Tower Heist (2011)