Who would be a good Academy Awards host?

Although I think Chris Rock did a good job, I don’t think that he fit the Academy Awards. When I heard he was hosting, I thought it was an odd choice for a number of reasons- the first and foremost being that Conan O’Brien would have been a better fit. Who do you think would have been a good/better choice, and how do you think Rock did?

the title should read: Who would be a **good ** academy awards host? If a mod could change it, I would appreciate it.

Jon Stewart.

Ben Stein?

Oh- the other part. I didn’t like Rock as host- it’s the same Angry-Young-Black-Man™ stuff he always does (and he’s capable of so much more- the guy’s a comic genius, but he panders too much). I thought he was unnecessarily offensive and political (the Bush stuff [and I LOATHE Bush] was out of place), his comments on the slighting of blacks on the first night ever when two black men won Oscars, and while I know he and Adam Sandler are old friends there was neither wit nor chemistry in their scene together. The host should be witty and almost invisible.

the other American late-night hosts seem like possibilities:
Conan O’Brien, Craig Kilborn, Leno?

John Cleese? Eric Idle? I think Palin is too nice.

Alex Trebek.

Yeah, I know, I know…but look me in the eye and tell me you wouldn’t watch it.

That’s what I thought.

I thought about posting him as a suggestion but chickened out but now that I see someone else agrees, I’ll throw my weight behind his name.

I think he’d be great.

Not in any way a possibility, but I’d love to see Stephen Colbert do it.


Seconded. And, since I’m not doing anything right now I’ll third and fourth it too.

Bill Murray, Bill Murray, and Bill Murray.

What!?! He would be terrible. He’s not funny at all. In fact, he’s become a shameless republican apologist recently. I know he’s always been a member of the GOP, but now he acts like an ass.

Jay Leno and Craig Kilborn would both crash and burn as Oscar hosts. I think Jon Stewart would be good. Maybe even have the whole Daily Show team as hosts.

Ellen Degeneres.

I haven’t been keeping track of the Oscars. Was there a reason Billy Crystal didn’t do it this year?

I was so disappointed not to hear him sing this year.

I vote for Jim Carrey as Oscar host.

I think Martin Short would be pretty good. For my money, they don’t get any funnier than him. He’s a terrific performer.

I also like the idea of Jim Carrey hosting. I have a feeling his opening would blow the roof off.

I don’t think John Cleese’s particular style would fit but Eric Idle would be very good though.

I like your idea of Jim Carrey.

How about Jerry Seinfeld? Or even Ben Stiller?

Is Gary Shandling a big enough name? Now there’s a funny guy.

A celebrity that talks too much about their politics? Never!

I thought Chris Rock was okay. The real problem with the Academy awards this year was that there wasn’t a single HIT movie among those nominated!

People (i.e. women) may tune in for a little while to watch celebs and comment on their attire, but very few people are going to sit through an awards ceremony in which all the films up for awards are ones they haven’t seen.

“Million Dollar Baby,” “Sideways” and “Finding Neverland” may be great films, but very few people have seen them, so few people really cared which of them won the big prizes.

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