Oscar Host announced

See if you can guess before opening the thread…

Hugh Jackman. Anyone get it right? :wink:

I did… because I saw it on CNN before reading this thread.

Nothing against Jackman, but don’t they usually go with someone, you know, funny? I wouldn’t mind seeing Jon Stewart do it again, or even Ellen Degeneres.

It’s pretty hit-or miss, and maybe Stewart just didn’t want to be bothered. I love Jackman in movies, but I don’t think he’s got the comedic chops to pull this off. If he plays it straight he’ll be fine, but it’ll be boring.

You’d think they’d go for someone who knows how to work a crowd. Not that they need a stand-up doing their standard stage bit, but the host is there to warm the crowd up. Someone who’s more used to cameras than audiences might have trouble with that. But hey, Huge Ackman might be good. I do love the guy’s acting.

I would have gone for Colbert; the jokes about following up Stewart would write themselves. I have to wonder how many organizations are scared of asking Colbert to speak these days, though.

I haven’t seen it, but Jackman got rave reviews–even won a Tony as best actor–as flamboyant friend-of-Liza Peter Allen in The Boy from Oz on Broadway. I imagine he knows how to work a crowd. He’s also hosted the Tony awards three times.

I believe he won an Emmy (And was nominated for another) for his hosting of the Tony Awards… Maybe this will take some of the pressure off of the host to “be funny.” Every year, no matter who the host is, people complain about the material and the hosts inability to get the audience laughing… Jackman is a song and dance guy and we’ll probably see a little bit more of a “show” to open the awards.

Dr. Cox is gonna be pissed!

Why is that, if you don’t mind my asking? I’m abroad and probably missed it.

As for the Mr. Jackman, I think he should host the event as Wolverine. It would be the first Oscars I’ve seen since 1998.

I wish they’d let Letterman do it again. That “Uma - Oprah” thing was comedy gold!

Yeah, most folks in the USA only really know Hugh for his uber-macho action man movie work. They might be suprised to see the all-singing/all-dancing more fabulous Hugh. (And no, I’m not calling him gay.)

I always guess it’ll be Steve Martin, and I’m always wrong. My second guess was Tina Fey, and I’m rather surprised it isn’t her.

Not that I’m disappointed, though. Jackman’s easy on the eyes, and that’s a big plus.

I am very happy for him!
I’ve watched Jackman’s hosting the Tony’s via Youtube and thought he would be a perfect fit for the Oscar’s. Classy, sauve and stagey experience.

Wait a minute, he went on an awards show to get an award for hosting an awards show?

head asplodes

Hell yeah! Would you like to buy a monkey?

I was really hoping that I’d scroll down and see … Craig Ferguson. I think he’d do an amazing job. He’s also very, very funny. (And, yes, in the midst of all the pretentiousness, hot air and general self-righteous windbaggery of the Hollywood crowd, we do need a jester making fun of them. Having an actor host the thing as well is not a good idea.

I enjoyed the rumor that Ricky Gervais was gonna do it

I think he would have been hilarious…but I have no real problem with Jackman doing it, I really like him, he’s got charisma, he is used to being on stage
plus…I’m not gay…but he ain’t too bad to look at for 2 hours either eh?

Well, I’m posting just because dammit I guessed it without peeking. (And without knowing about him hosting other award shows.)

My two follow-ups were Ellen DeG, and Billy Crystal.

I’m not sure why I thought of Jackman except that he has a reputation as a classic song and dance man, and it seemed like Hollywood might want to pay tribute to that tradition… and Hugh is hotter than Jason Alexander (I think he’s another actor with with old-time showbiz chops.)

I think the ultimate host would’ve been Hugh Laurie.

Hmm, maybe he’ll do a good job, but I do wish they’d picked someone, ya know…funny. Colbert, Craig Ferguson, Tina Fey – any of them would have been great picks. Billy Crystal is always fun, too. I am glad, though, that they didn’t pick Jon Stewart – not funny, and a terrible screen presence, IMHO.

Am I wrong, or will Jackman be the first non-American to host the awards? I scanned the list of hosts and as far as I was aware, all of the previous hosts were American. Isn’t it a little weird to have a non-American host? I mean, I know that the awards are generally shared among actors of a number of different nationalities (primarily English-speaking, but sometimes not), but it is still kind of a US-centric show, no? I mean, wouldn’t it be a bit weird for some American star to host the British or Australian Academy Awards? :confused:

Looking at that list, I see David Niven, Laurence Olivier, Michael Caine, Dudley Moore and Paul Hogan. Granted they were all co-hosts, but none are American.