Jon Stewart to host Oscars again

Link. I’m pleased; I thought he did a good job.

I still think Lewis Black would be better.

Given how there will probably be a heavy political slant to many of the contenders, both in fiction (In the Valley of Elah, Grace is Gone, The Kingdom, Lions for Lambs, Charlie Wilson’s War, Redacted, etc.) and documentaries (No End in Sight, Ghosts of Abu Ghraib, Sicko, The Devil Came on Horseback, etc.), it seems an ideal choice.


I really enjoyed the job he did last time. I thought he was the best since Billy Crystal.

I won’t mind JS, but I’d rather see Steve Martin given the gig again. He ruled.

The gay cowboy montage from his last stint was quite possibly the best thing I’ve ever seen during an Oscar telecast.

You can’t be angry as the host of the Oscars.

And what worth would a non-angry Lewis Black be?

Lewwy ain’t angry. He’s just puffy… and perturbed. That guy ain’t an angry jew! Hitler was an angry Jew!

It’s a Joke volks! No offense intended.