EddyTeddFreddy... this link's for you!

Dancing With Cats :smiley:


Being all “hopped up” on pain meds for my tooth, I realize that spelling takes a back seat as I post this. blush

This one scared me! http://www.oper.ru/data/gallery/l1048750748.jpg

Why do some people make these things?

I would like to live with Marmaduke!

Feline. Beauty.

Whimsy is wonderful! Something just silly and sweet to take your mind off the evils of the world for a moment.

How CUTE!!!



No no . I think you meant to say <FLEAS>

I may never think of cats the same way again

I’m not a creep, I swear… (I took the link from another thread)


SO darn CUTE! I love kittens!

LANDO!! EWWWWWW! I have to scrub my brain, eyes, and SOUL clean with a piece of steel mesh!! Thanks a lot!

Self-Defense Quote:

In fact, as a new member of the SDMB, I think I’ll make it my job to post that link whenever I see a cat thread (which seems to be rather frequently)…

Must… get… control… of… laughter… long e… nough to post… thank you to… San…