Unless you are a cat lover, don't open this thread


Aren’t they cute?? :smiley:

Plesae, resist all temptation to dress up your cat. It doesn’t make the cat look any cuter, and is likely to make the cat want to kill you in your sleep.

If you really want a concentrated high-octane shot of kitty cuteness, do check out Rate My Kitten .

I’m a cat lover but damn…that is beyond my love for cats heh.

very cute though, where’d you get those crazy hats?

They are cute. I just can’t imagine my cats tolerating me putting hats on them, I’d have to have a deathwish. :eek:


Why, here in NYC you can take your cat out to dinner.

Those pictures have been pinched directly off a Japanese site that sells those costumes. I wish I could remember what it was called so I could find it again.

Hmmm… this looks like the site I remember, and it’s certainly got the same photos.


Cats. blech I really can’t stand those devil’s minions. (I ignored the thread title, I know.) But I, cat hater extrordinaire, found that to be thoroughly fun and amusing. Wish it had a dog though.

Those poor kitties.

Did anyone else read the episodes? They have just the right amount of Stupid[sup]TM[/sup] to be funny to people who’ve gone without sleep for 24+ hours…

Kitty, kitty, kitty, scratch her ear, she’ll purrrrrr for you. She’ll also chase a “mouse”.

Cute, but my cats would not stand for it. They subscribe to the philosophies of mycathatesyou.com

…especially after you answered me so nicely in the “Susie” thread, but those little babies all look startled, and they don’t look relaxed at all.

I’m sorry! I tried putting a “Kitty Sun Visor” on Susie’s head when she was just a little kitten, and you would have thought I was killing her, Dude! I never tried to make her look “cute” again. Not even a ribbon on her neck for Christmas.

They don’t like that shit.

Better to see them in their natural state, curled up around my computer keyboard or lying on the carpet with all “fours up”, just being lazy.





Sorry to disagree.



And I tought I was dummb. :wink:

Sorry for the confusion Quasimodem. If I ever tried to do that to any of my fuzzy buddies, I’d be typing with the bare bones of my distal phalages. My bad.

:d :d :d

Uh, what the? That just killed all my formatting!

As I was trying to say…

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Love cats, creeped out by that website.

Now this is cute.

Amen. Those poor cats look traumatized.

I think I’ll show it to my cats the next time I want to threaten them: “If you don’t behave yourselves…”

I think that’s a new record for changing desktop backgrounds I just broke. :slight_smile:
I love Scottish Folds, but are they that docile?

My Jesper had gotten really good at putting up with the crap my husband and I do to him. i.e. putting the sock monkey on his back for a ride, or placing this little fisherman hat on his head. :stuck_out_tongue:
He just gives us that oh-so-patient/I’m-killing-them-in-their-sleep look. :wink:

that darn cat just brough our kitty, Bishop, into the room, shoved his face into the monitor and said, “I will never impugn your dignity like this!”

There goes all my fun. :smiley:

[sub]Kidding. Really.[/sub]