Would you do this to your cat?

Well, would you?

Click here, then scroll down. Warning: the page is in Japanese, but you don’t need language support to look at the pictures.

Oh, and don’t worry, it’s not Kitty Bonsai, or anything even remotely like it…

I am of the opinion that there is nothing with more dignity than a cat. I can almost see the suicidal thoughts in those cat’s heads!

They really look traumatized, don’t they? Like they’re going to sit in a corner and rock themselves while they whinge quietly.

This little guy looks like he’s pretty much plotting his owner’s death.


It’s the bunny that disturbs me the most.

Exactly, Lola!

::Sips cherry coke::

::Clicks link::

::Spits Coke all over monitor, in cinematic hysterical laughter::

What the hell?! Not only do I feel sorry for those poor damn cats, I also pity innocent people who have to look at them. They look so stupid.

But they are soooo cute! :smiley:

Oh, the poor kitties! I don’t think they like having things on their heads.

That being said, I used to dress my cats in doll clothes. But they always just sort of sat there. They didn’t care.

I used to put make-up on my cats.


I haven’t laughed that hard since I read Maddox rates your kids artwork.

Truely, I thought nothing was funnier than degrading children.

But now I know I was wrong.

‘Cute’ Is the last thing a cat wants to be.

‘man eating hell beast’ might be a more approriate cat-self-image.

My cats have claws. If I tried to do that, I would lose about a pint of blood.

The cats look like they’ve taken a dose of kitty valium. Look closely at their eyes - those kitties are STONED!

I just posted this link to all my cat newslists. My kitties are MOL (meowing out loud)!

I confess: I dress my cats up for Halloween. I know, I know, it’s awful, but it just makes that part of me that loves the perverse sit up and sing. I had a tough time deciding what they were going to be last year and ultimately settled upon them being cowgirls, complete with Stetsons and neckerchiefs. Next year’s costume is gonna be a snap, thanks to this thread. Heeeere kitty, kitty, kitty…

Well considering that people are perfectly willing to wear bin-liners at Halloween, then I guess it is sort of appropriate to dress your cat up.
(or spray-paint it black! teh hee hee)

See, I think that’s exactly why one should dress up one’s cat in a sailor suit. Otherwise they take themselves far too seriously, and we just really can’t have that.

The most I’ll do is put a sticker on my cat and watch her try to get it off. Clothes are out.

hehehe, ya I would do it. But only to watch her squirm. Then I would take it off and hide it until I was feeling really depressed and needed a good laugh.