Edibility of slugs v.s. escargot (Mollusks=Yum!)

I have had escargot with garlic butter and found it divine not counting the prohibitive cost. When I was living in the ever-damp state of Oregon a few years back I came upon the idea of slugs as a cheap, (and perhaps) tasty substitute to the tasty french dish (they are both mollusks, right?). Well, today with the power of the internet, I have found no reliable information on the ediblity of slugs. I have read many stories on how they can make your tongue go numb, or they will just kill you outright, but nothing documented. So, I ask the might of the straight dope forums to help me find a answer, before I stir-fry one of the little guys eating my tomato plants.

Some people seem to think they’re edible.

Yikes. There’s a few too many slime removal steps required to even sound remotely appetizing. And, deep fried and breaded? Of course he thinks they taste good.

My girlfriend had slug lasagna one time when she was living in the south of italy. I have no idea if this is a local specialty or she was staying with a very eccentric family. They are, apparently, very very very chewy.