EEP! I have a report due two days from now!

I have to do a project on what kind of technology related career I’d like to have in the future, and I don’t even know where to begin :confused: . I need ideas! Help meee!
Suggest something! Anything!

Flint knapper. I’ve been dying to learn more about that technology since the clan across the river started slaughtering my people with their stone-tipped arrows. If not, consider bowyer. Cutting edge horn-and-glue technology going on there!


I’m pretty sure you want to create Hollywood standard CGI for hardcore porn movies.

Actually, that might be kind of cool. If the report guidelines really are as vague as “something in technology”, it would be cool if you chose some ironically anachronistic job as that. So long as the report is not completely silly, if I was your teacher, I would give you extra points for creativity.

PS, this dances precariously on the razor edge of “doing your school work for you”. Don’t be surprised if a mod soon closes this thread.

Slight hijack.

There is a fascinating book called Flintknapping by Whittaker and published by the University of Texas. We got some copies sent to our bookstore accidentally and I wanted one. It was $26 and therefore out of my budget for unneeded books.

end hijack.

Along those lines, the OP might look into the prototype of Chinese rockets (this would be some 600+ years ago, I believe, and possibly 800+), a comparison of the construction of papyrus to modern paper, or the use of that same flint in muskets and similar weaponry.

My thought now (and as ever, IANAM) is that the OP is asking for suggestions, not saying “can someone show me where someone else did this/do this for me?” Sorta like “gimme an interesting country to look up for UN day”. While we are technically helping said OP by offering suggestions/advice, we’re not helping in the “here’s what you need to know about the Bessemer process” sense. IMO, anyway.

Do you want a technology related career? If not, just put that on a piece of paper and turn it in.

Well I am interested in having a technology related career, I’m just not sure what I want that career to be. If I wasn’t, simply writing “I don’t want a career involving technology” would cut it since this counts for a big part of my grade. CGI animator sounds like a pretty fun topic. I’ll look into that…but I think I’ll have to leave the porn out :frowning: .