EEWWWW-make sure your squid is well cooked

Or at least dead dead dead. Not for the squimish. Link safe for work but ewwww again.

That’s what happens when you do tenticle porn without using birth control.

Really? Are sperm that big?

Well, now we know that she spits instead of swallows.

Mine are as big as alaskan king crabs. Your personal mileage obviously varies.

If some chick is biting my sperm sack you better believe that my little guys are gonna attack her for it

Dangers of oral sex with squid!

[sub](even a semi-dead zombie squid!)[/sub]

(Forget that story about the guy doing Niagara on a tightrope.)

I signed on to SDMB just to post an OP on this, but wisely searched for existing thread first and found this.

Here is the ABC version of the story, as re-posted on Yahoo:

Worth a read just for the user comments!

MLB sez: Is that a tentacle in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

jackrabbit sez: You know it’s bad when you envy an invertebrate.

I object to everything about this thread.

Boozahol Squid, P.I. I take your comment translates to ‘bite me!’

Almost on topic…

I saw squid sex once, while I was diving. I have pictures. Hanging in my cube at work. We call it Squid Porn.

I’m just glad to hear poor Squidward finally got laid. Poor guy’s life looks pretty sad given the documentaries I’ve seen.

I’ve seen enough hentai to know where this is going.

When a link contains “squid-semen-mouth”, you know it’s something special.

Meh, just eat female raw squid, problem solved.

To a squid, would this be Non-Tentacle Porn?

Well, not right after something like that happens, unless you want to have a squid hatchery in your mouth.

Get off your property or what? You’ll release the Korean women, or the baby squid, or the Korean women with the baby squid in their mouths, and when go all dragon lady they shoot baby squid at you?

I like my squid deep fried-for me, it is just a way to convey marinara sauce to my mouth.
When I was a kid, nobody ate squid-it was sold in big frozen blocks, and used for fish bait.

[Futurama’s resident mopey, loser, unfortunately-stereotypically Jewish-sounding crustacean alien, Zoidberg, as the person he is talking to is putting a fork in their mouth]

Ah! I took the liberty of fertilizing that cavier for you; don’t thank me.


When I posted that link I wondered how many folks would actually notice that and go WTF?

Its one thing when the guy that buys you dinner rapes you. It’s a whole nuther thing when the meal does it. Of course it was probably one of those “nice guy” squid that was probably just misunderstood :slight_smile: