Eff Powerball 2016!

Fuck it! I didn’t win. My husband didn’t win.

Hmmm… wonder if the oldest boy won? Hrm… news sites saying no one from Iowa won. (They only report big winners in the hours just after the drawing.)

Guess I’ll just have to figure on the usual for our anniversary week-end: he goes to the Shop and fixes something, I stay home and play my facebook games, we both get hammered and he gives me extra cash for my games.

Anything else that happens is private.

And fun.

My pets are not amused and really, really wanted more personal servants.

I almost won. I got one number + the Powerball. So that’s like… really, practically, almost there. I get $4 for it, but I think it should be at least a million, considering the overall pot size. Stupid non-scaling prizes.

Though the winning ticket was sold just a few miles from where I live. My mom emailed me excitedly with that information wondering if I had won, but alas I had not.

I would love to be your mom. That moment of wondering!

(My oldest son has a smart phone… I’m sure he set it up to let him know he won so he wouldn’t have to get up at 5am.)

Ah, well.

Back to mid-morning, afternoon nap-time fun dreams, and middle of the night really, really fun time dreams :eek:

Guess I should read a bit more archive type threads.

For ideas.

Shockingly, I did not win either. Haven’t checked the actual numbers, but the news stories say where the winners came from, and it ain’t me. But… maybe I got 5 of the numbers!!!

I won!!!

Er, eight bucks.

On a twenty-buck ‘investment’.

but hey, I won!!!

One third of my 12 dollars back, not bad. :smiley:

I probably slept-drove and bought the winning tickets at the winning locations, but alas I also slept-put-them-away and now I can’t remember where!

I actually got two numbers on one of mine, which is a hella large improvement over my typical none. When I play. :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t buy a ticket (never have) but I nearly did. Apparently one winner is from Melbourne, Florida, which means I should probably call my mother.

That’s it, I’m definitely getting new glasses this year. Thought the thread title was Elf Powerball 2016!

Not a finger! Nor a nickel, for that matter. Stupid lottery. :mad:

I just wish I hadn’t sold the worm farm and sent all my money to that preacher who was screwing the hockey player.

Me, too. I just collected.

That’s remarkably close to the expected average return over the long term for such a small number of tickets. This must mean that on the lucky scale, which ranges from “always followed around by a black cloud of doom” to “has golden horseshoe up ass” you are very very … average!

Didn’t win anything, but having fun laughing at people who are angry they didn’t.

One of my co-workers was laughing because his wife was extremely upset that they didn’t win.

But she must surely be delighted that they didn’t get eaten by sharks (odds are 25 times greater) or killed by cows (odds are 100 times greater) or ants (odds are 150 times greater)!

I managed to match ZERO numbers, which is basically almost as impressive, and should earn you like half a jackpot.

Me too, and I also didn’t see your post till now.

What does happen to both universes if lottery meets antilottery? :confused:

Wait - if only he is in the shop, how do you both get hammered :confused:

Showers of money!!