Someone just egged my house. The first one hit the roof and rolled into the yard. The second hit the front door. Fortunately it hit wood. The front door is a “French door” with lots of glass. I went out immediately, but didn’t see or hear anyone around. I did hear two doors close; and based on the assumed trajectory of the missiles, the culprits might have gone there. I went out the back door and waited in the shadows for a while, but I didn’t hear anything else. Maybe I should strap on my katana and lurk some more. Maybe scare the hell out of the bloody bastards.

Well, since I was just saying how lovely your house is in the other thread, let me be the first to say that sucks. Apparently not all of your neighbors are as nice as the scenery. Do you still have California tags, by any chance?

Don’t taunt the Chicken People, they’re thick up there.

That does suck though. Maybe they thought the previous owners still lived there or mistook your vehicle for someone else’s?

BTW, did that kid at your previous residence every pony up the money to fix your bike?

Someone egged my car last night. Fortunately, they only hit the window and the residue froze before it could run down to the paint.

Chicken people, eh? I’ll just have to make sure I’ve got plenty of barbecue sauce ready next time they show up.

Could be the CA plates. They expire in February, and I’ll get WA plates then.

No, the kid never did pay up. I’m waiting until after New Year’s Day to send a copy of the receipt since his mom is going to end up paying for it and I didn’t want to cramp her Christmas. (She’s one of those people who are all into Christmas.)

We got egged when we moved into a new house in a rather shitty neighborhood. And the little fucker broke into the house one day too. Very troubled kid. I think he ended up in reform school.

Are you sure it wasn’t just a chicken flying overhead?

That’s sucky. Someone egged my car about a month or so ago. I was just coming out from beneath the underpass and BAM! I heard a loud sound on my rear passenger-side window and had no idea what it was. When I got home I noticed eggy goo running all down the side of my car. I hosed it off as best I could but didn’t really wanna touch it. I think there’s still some egg residue left on the car. Oh well, the paint’s coming off anyway.

Humpf! Some welcome to the neighborhood. That really sucks. Hopefully, you’ll catch the little twerps.

Wash it off as soon as you can. That stuff will take the paint off.

Not My Cat’s nefarious plan. Create a diversion and sneak inside.