Eggs in stuffing/dressing

I have used egg as a binder in my cornbread and sausage stuffing. I have never used cooked eggs as an additive but don’t see it as very strange. My kid would probably like it a lot better than when I put raisins in the regular bread stuffing.

I’ve seen all sorts of things in stuffing, so I wouldn’t be astonished to find hard boiled eggs in somebody’s version. It just never would have occured to me if I hadn’t seen it; and I don’t think I ever have had a version with chunks of hardboiled egg in it.

Tuna salad, on the other hand –

I have never heard of it but I like the idea.

Yeah, nothing about it sounds objectionable to me, except I’m not sure I’d want to cook it along with the stuffing, but rather fold it in at the end or something.

I make a cornbread, sausage, and pecan dressing and have always cracked an egg into the mixture to bind it. I think I saw it in “The Joy of Cooking” decades ago.

I’ve put a raw egg into stuffing in the past. It was a recipe out of Graham Kerr’s Galloping Gourmet cookbook. It didn’t make the stuffing gloppy or weird; it made it appealingly clumpy, with a slight bread pudding-like texture. IIRC, the recipe didn’t call for as much liquid to dampen the bread, too, so the stuffing wasn’t soggy or mooshy. I liked it a lot, and I’d do it again, but I haven’t made a stuffed bird in ages.

I don’t like eggs in the DRESSING but that’s how it was always served when I was a kid and while it wasn’t bad, the whites got weirdly soggy.

I like the Stove-top stuffing best these days. No weird ingredients, not too heavy on the sage. I can mix in my smooth cranberry jelly straight out of the can. Good stuff!

Never used them in any form. But my mom used to put diced water chestnuts in it and I loved the little bit of different texture, so I get your favorite thing being the little bits of egg.

Maybe I’m weird, but I would have specifically said boiled eggs (or scrambled eggs) if I meant to add cooked eggs. Otherwise I assume raw for something that has to be cooked.

I use raw eggs mixed into the dressing as a binder. It’s just the way it’s done for my cornbread dressing.

Ya know, the idea of using them as a binder in the dressing is what seems weird to me. Though, I figure it will ad the same amount of egg-y flavor, no matter how it’s cooked. I think the only real difference would be the texture. I’d miss the firmness of the egg white bits, and I want my dressing to be kind of firm, but crumbly.

I beat a couple eggs with stock then add it to the stuffing/dressing that I cook separately
Dotted with butter and cooked to a slight crisp.

From the other thread. According to my dad, my grandmother (his mother-in-law) used to include hard-boiled eggs as well.