Eggs in stuffing/dressing

Ok in this week’s MMP someone mentioned a stuffing/dressing recipe that used eggs and apparently some people knew about it and used them in theirs and a lot of us were of the"eggs in stuffing what the hell ?"
so I decided to see how widespread this is
the mmp:

  • yes I use them in mine
  • ive heard of them but dont use them
  • eggs? since when?
  • don’t eat eggs/stuffung

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I don’t make the stuffing, but whoever does, it involves hard-boiled eggs. I’m appreciative.

There’s room for variations of stuffing. Different herbs and spices. Cornbread vs. wheat bread. In the bird or outside of the bird. The liquid being water vs. broth of various sorts. Butter or margarine or neither. Homemade vs. from the box. With giblets, sausage, some other kind of meat, or vegan. Stove top or oven. All are legitimate differences and up for debate.

But eggs? No way.

I’ve heard of it. It makes sense, since dressing is sorta a bread pudding, and bread pudding is essentially a custard. If one can use eggs, so can the other.

Since I’ve had to heavily reduce fat from my diet, I was actually considering following a recipe that uses egg whites instead of the butter. (Nearly all of the fat is in the yolks.)

Hadn’t heard of it, but I’m not averse to it.

I voted that I’ve heard of it and don’t use it; but I think I have done it, at least once, in years past. Probably when I wanted to stuff some sort of bird and didn’t have either milk or broth to hand.

I may have been a little too strong in my previous post. There’s a key question that needs to be clarified. Are we talking about using eggs as part of a mixture to dredge bread crumbs or some other similar usage? Or are we talking about chopping up some hard boiled eggs or chunks of scrambled eggs and mixing that in? The former makes some sense, the latter doesn’t sound pleasant at all.

I voted that use them in mine, and I was meaning hard boiled eggs. My recipe uses the whole egg of one, and just the yolks of two, all of them mashed. My family’s dressing has always had eggs in it, and I feel a little ripped off if I’m served cornbread dressing that doesn’t use them.

im told that in the south some people use them as a binder in the stuffing

Eggs in stuffing/dressing are wrong on every level. It’s the 2 sticks of melted butter that keeps everything together.

I’ve never heard of raw eggs being used in stuffing, but definitely sliced hard boiled egg. Along with the giblets and both also in the giblet gravy.

It would not remotely have occured to me to put hardboiled eggs in stuffing. Raw egg was what I assumed was being used, as liquid and binder.

Giblets and giblet gravy I often do use.

I’ve never seen eggs in a recipe and have never used them.

No idea if I’ve ever had dressing with eggs. But definitely a possibility.

My MIL was born in Texas and raised in Louisiana. I learned how to make cornbread dressing from her. It’s broken up homemade cornbread (no sugar, that is "Johnny Cake) chopped green onions, lots of chicken broth, and about 5 chopped hard boiled eggs. It took me years to acquire a taste for it, but now I love it. I hypothesize that the eggs “filled” out the dish as it was probably poorer people eating it. Most people around here don’t like it.

I also make basic bread stuffing that goes in the turkey. Bread, onion, celery, sage, salt, pepper, and broth. No eggs. I pretty much make two different meals for TG and Xmas.

Raw eggs are mixed with the bread cubes and broth and spices before cooking. How else would a sensible person do it?

Hard boiled eggs? What’s wrong with you?

The little chopped up bits of hard boiled eggs in the stuffing were one of the pleasant parts of thanksgiving dinner when I was little.

I’ve never put eggs in my mixture to bind. I’ve never found a need to. Does it not give a gummier texture?

I’ve never had it without, so I guess I don’t know. Probably?

The recipe on the bag of stuffing mix i just bought calls for a raw egg. That seems normal to me. Having chunks of hard-boiled egg in the stuffing is something I’ve never seen. I’m not a huge stuffing fan, so i guess i don’t feel strongly about it one way or the other. But it would be different.

Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.

Now that I think about it, I think that’s my favorite part of Thanksgiving, the egg pieces and the giblets in the stuffing.