Dealing with leftovers in the MMP

Good lord, no. I can’t think of any reason to do that unless it’s the only protein in the dish, perhaps. But even then. . .

Do NOT mess with the pregnant mother! Better make very sure she and your grandchild get those green beans (which do sound good). :slight_smile:

I hope to organise going to Therapy so I can properly discuss it with someone independent, and clarify things for myself. I am a little worried there are more workplaces like this than not. I hope I’m wrong.

OMG, I am soooo stuffded and there are soooooo many leftovers. Most, tho, are going home with the in-laws.

While putting away one of my sharpest knives, I sliced into my left thumb. :astonished: Much blood, not a lot of pain, much cussage from me. Aunt B was a nurse and her first thought was that I’d need stitches. Fortunately, it wasn’t deep - just cut a bunch of blood vessels. FCD band-aided me up. Then I got woozy and had to sit for a bit, but that passed quickly.

I managed to finish the dishes, and we’ve been visiting in the basement. FIL is crashed on our bed. Tobias hasn’t napped, so he’s going to be a real zinger tonight, I fear. Glad he doesn’t live here… :wink:

I had to come upstairs to feed Higgs. Time to head back down again. I’ll be glad when everyone goes home and I can collapse.

Howdy Y’all! Laundry and some prep stuff for the big feast got accomplished today. Sup got made and et as well. Sloth and general overall uselessness were also accomplished. Oh, and I went over to the church house to return the cross (fell off its chain right before the start of service Sunday) I fixed (got it back on and then hopefully fixed it so it won’t fall off again) and to drag the biiiiiiiiiiiiig Advent wreath stand (thing is brass and heavy!) from where it lives over to the church house so it can get all decorated up before Sunday, the first Sunday of Advent. So, I actually did a buncha stuff, for me, today. Tomorrow will be especially bzzy gettin’ stuff ready for Turkey Day.

MOOOOOOM hope everyone is gone by now. Glad you did not slice yourself open too bad.

I do put aigs in my cornbread dressin’. They act as a binder. I probably could not add them, but I was taught to do so and do not want to be haunted by cooks of Turkey Day past, so I will continue to do so.

aunt says yes shes heard of eggs in stuffing but it’s not necessary and shes never used them …

I put eggs in my dressing. I imagine my recipe is much like Swampy’s being we’re both from Jawja. I’m not making the dressing this year though. We are doing lots of other stuff. It has rained today a bunch. The rain gauge was at almost three inches last I checked.

I took Buddyboy to his new Vet this morning. I muzzled him first. He weighs exactly 15 lbs. He got a heart worm test and a toe nail trim. I bought a years supply of Heartguard and got two months free. This is a non profit clinic so including the visit and the 12 months of meds it was only $137. I was happy about that. The same visit in the Keys would have been over $200.

We had fried chicken for supper. I’m already lying down watching the Alaskan Bush ppl. I hope to be sleeping soon.

nellie, the phones that we’re getting on this pilot project are mostly trade ins and overstock from the carrier. Given the age of the tech, they’ll go to our remanufacturing plant in the Philippines, then likely on to a developing country where they would be current tech (and, some of them able to operate on 3G).

shoe, glad that the phone call to your mom didn’t go as badly as feared.

Today was an aggravating day all day. I started out with printer issues, then the wiping software locked me out, then, in addition to the sticky “L” on my keyboard, my mouse died. I didn’t get as much done as planned.

Tomorrow is slated for a half day, leaving me time to get the last minute things done.

Stay safe and healthy y’all!

They all just left. Blissful quiet. Still stuffded.

Did I mention I’m exhausted??

I did not get to the shop cleaning yestiddy, but did it today. I set the smoke detector off while blowing sawdust off of things. I ended up sweeping up about 5 gallons of dust just from various horizontal surfaces. And there is still a very fine layer of dust on, well pretty much everything now. Will need to go through it all again next time I go to the shop.

FCM Glad the feast went well, and yay for silence in the aftermath.

Now onwards to sloth for the evening. I’m planning of some car repair and cheesecake tomorrow. Prolly make the cranberry sauce, too.

It doesn’t sound like anything more could go wrong, so that means the only way left to go is up! Sorry, I’ve never been much good at motivational stuff.

Thank you, but it was not MY kindness. I just drove the car, the organizer was the one who arranged for Lady With Twins to get an extra turkey and the wonderful volunteers are the ones who loaded the boxes into my car. They gave us a nice 13 lb turkey, a box of stuffing mix, a can of cranberry sauce, a can of turkey gravy, two cans of green beans, a box of powdered potatoes, a tray of bake and serve rolls, a box of margarine, a pumpkin pie and a tub of cool whip stuff. I kept the turkey, pie and whipped stuff and everything else got put in LWT’s boxes.

She got a 20 lb turkey and a 23 lb bird plus two boxes with twice as much of the other stuff as we did. They are going to be eating Thanksgiving leftovers until Easter. LWT was super happy to get it.

LWT came with me because Dad proclaimed himself fit to watch his own children for a couple of hours and thought she should get out of the house. He’s getting around pretty well now and his stump has healed enough that getting bumped isn’t agony.

She only got half an hour out because there wasn’t a line and I never shut my car off. I did make sure they were signed up for Cookies with Santa, though.

There are some wonderful folks out here that do amazing things for the community.

I hope Mr Brown feels better today, foot injuries heal slowly because we are always using our feet.

I’ve never heard of such a thing. Of course, I’ve never lived anywhere with a humidifier before. Unless you are talking about a swamp cooler which certainly wouldn’t be running this time of the year. Plus, swamp coolers drain outside, usually under a tree.

I’ve never heard of putting eggs in stuffing, so I called Mom and asked her. She said that stuffing doesn’t really need a binding agent and that I shouldn’t do it unless I really wanted to. So, one more data point :slight_smile:

We aren’t such big fans at zero dark thirty, LOL!

I’m glad your doctor visit went well and I think you are being pretty silly. OTOH, I would be worried too, so there is that.

I am terrified of pregnant women. So much so that I would be sure to have enough bacon and stuff to make a second batch if I screwed up the first one somehow. Pregnant women are scarrrrrrry.

Sadly, you are not wrong. I’m glad you are going to find someone to help you get your mind clear. Toxic workplaces are toxic and sometimes the mental fallout can last for years.

Ohhh, I remember having days like that. Once your day starts with tech problems, it never gets any better.

So, our housekeeper was here today and we went out for Mexican breakfast. I usually have the prickly pear, chorizo and eggs but today I had a chili relleno instead which messed things up so much the cook sent the waitress back to be sure I didn’t want my usual. I think we might go there too often.

After we got back from breakfast, I picked LWT and we went to get our turkeys. After I dropped her off, someone from Nextdoor came over to sell me some goat milk soap for my Secret Santa.

He also brought a 6 month old chocolate lab who was the happiest dog in the world! Of course hubs and I were both happy to help socialize her, how could we resist.

We did have an embarrassing moment because the soap maker is also a wood worker and brought some things to show off. I wanted to buy a wood something for a friend and a wood other thing for my Secret Santa so I needed to give him 40 bucks. Hubs and I could only come up with 30 dollars cash between us. We’ve really been having issues with available cash lately, Hubs says he’s going to go to the bank and get us each 5 twenties to put in our wallets.

How discouraging. And kinda alarming too, do you wear a dust mask? If not, maybe you might want to think about it.

Stupid question. What is “the MMP”?

It’s short for Monday Mundane Pointless Stuff I Must Share. That’s just because it restarts every Monday, we are always sharing Mundane Pointless Stuff. Well, some folks have important stuff, but mine are always pretty mundane.

Thank you. I sorta inferred that from context. I wasn’t sure about the “Monday” part.

I do not wear a dust mask, usually, but when I’m doing cleaning like that, I do, also have the air filters running. Over the years I’ve inhaled so much saw dust and paint that my sense of smell is definitely reduced.

Morty May I call you Morty? Generally everyone gets a nickname. The MMP is a collection of friendly folks who share the stuff going on in life.

I remember that story you told over on CS on that subject.

If you are talking to me, yes you may call me Morty. “Mortimus” was one of the many nicknames I’ve been saddled with. “Morty” is a derivative thereof and I will answer to that IRL :wink:

I have numerous other nicknames. It seems that my real name as well as my various misadventures have inspired several folks to supply me with names other than my given one.

Well, in that case, let me be the second to welcome you. Van Go was first. We are kinda juvenile around here and keep track of that sort of stuff.

So, what do you do with leftovers? Do you have pets? Children? Hobbies? This is the place to talk about them and we really are interested.

That was a very terrible, very scary day. I really wish there had been a fainting couch available. For me, the scary in-labor preggy lady was just fine.

Welcome Morty. I am Jane The Cane, aka JTC. Misadventure stories are prized here, do share!

I have a ton of stories, if you get me started you may regret it :wink:

Suffice it to say that my career in TV news got me into many situations than the average person would never see in their lifetime. I have lots of stories and the back-stories to go with.

I’m pretty sure that everybody who knows me IRL is sick of hearing them. My wife has heard them all, multiple times. I know it’s time to shut up when her eye rolling stops and she just stares at me.

Start talkin, Morty! We wants to know all, LOL!!!