Eggwhite Allergy

Where can I learn more about this? I am seeing a lady who has this allergy, and would like to cook for her at some point, but need to know what to avoid.

I know some stuff already, like she can only drink organic wines, and she has to stay away from mayonnaise, but I think I need to educate myself a bit more before I set a meal in front of her.



I entered “eggwhite allergy” (without the quotes) in Yahoo! search and got a number of hits. I don’t know if they will help but will probably lead to to further information.

Have you thought of checking with a professional dietician?


The one at my hospital is going to leave some material for me, and since I wrote the OP, I have checked into some recipe books which list all kinds of recipes that don’t require eggs.

My concern is that I have been used to cooking/baking with eggs and egg products for so long, that I want to be extra special careful not to toss something into the “mix” without considering how it might affect her.

I can certainly appreciate the efforts of those of you who have allergic spouses! :slight_smile:



Yeah, Google “cooking egg allergy”, then stand back. :smiley:

The key word here is “egg substitute”, available at health food stores.

And whoa! Google, “cooking egg allergy recipes”. weighs in with several metric tons of stuff. Enjoy. :smiley:

I love the Internet.

Duck Duck

A little more clarification after talking to my new friend: She is allergic to eggwhites yes, but more to anything which has pesticides in it She can eat organic eggs, and organic just about everything else, but nothing which has come in contact with pesticides.

Sorry I muddled things up! :rolleyes:


scratching head :confused: … then she doesn’t have an “eggwhite allergy”, she has a pesticide allergy.

If she had an egg allergy then it wouldn’t matter if the eggs were organic or not, she’d still be allergic.

This sort of cavalier use of the word “allergy” really cranks my handle, because it makes it more difficult for those of us who really do need to avoid certain foods :mad:

Clarify with this woman just WHAT she can or cannot eat, otherwise (assuming she has a real allergy) you just might wind up making her quite sick by accident. If this is a “healthly food” position get that straight - I’ve seen all too many people who maintain their organic diet is required for “allergies” when it’s really a moral/ethical/strongly held dietary belief system. It’s like claiming you’re diabetic to avoid white sugar, when really you just think white sugar is unhealthy and shouldn’t be eaten, and in reality you’re perfectly healthy