Eh. . . can someone find a website for me???

OK, I came across a blog in the past week or so in which the author had written about his Atlantooccipital disassociation, or as it’s more commonly referred to in press reports, internal decapitation.

It was an interesting read, assuming it was on the up and up. The main things I remember were that he described having to hold his head up, and how his injury did not seem to be as series as Ricky Barker’s.

Anyone??? I can’t remember what I searched on that brought it up, and it’s cycled out of my history.

Is this a start? —>

Here’s Wikipedia’s article on internal decapitation. There are 5 people referenced, Ricky Barker’s the third dude:

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Found it!

WARNING!!! Has sound!!!
WARNING!!! Has sound!!!
WARNING!!! Has sound!!!

If you’re interested (link disabled just in case you hit it by accident):