El Chapo has been caught, again

What a life.

Time for more tunnels.

Why can’t the Mexican government put an ankle tracking bracelet on him? With so much corruption there, I wouldn’t be surprised if he escapes again.

Heck, chip him, ear tag him and tattoo him!

Are they sure it’s really him and not his twin brother, Oscar?

Just an FYI: there’s a longer thread with today’s update included over in IMHO.

Those are really easy to escape from compared to a high security prison cell. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good idea. Let’s close this one, and vamos to the other one. I know the OP, it’s okay.

Heh…I hadn’t noticed the OP in each thread until after I made the post (purely out of interest following the escapades).

As you say, thread closed. And, once more, here’s a link to the other thread.