El train saved by whale tale sculpture in the Netherlands

This is astounding:

Now that’s a fluke occurrence.

oooh! Can we punish painful puns?

Oh, stop blubbering.

Its just a tall tale.

That sculptor is the real Dutch Master.

Never thought it would set off a puncopolypse.

It is a whale of a story.

Those sculptures look to me like they were designed and placed specifically to do that.

Hell of a baleen-cing act.

I’m disappointed. I checked the site and this story is not on the podcast.


Right whale?

Got it in one.

Whales: The Save

That whale tail saved a lot of people from being krilled.

If only Amber hadn’t grised the tracks!

That tail could cachalot of straying trains.

Did Gil scale up there to save the train operator?

As I read this thread this song keeps coming to my mind: