Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind- This. Game. Rules!

I’ve just recently started playing Morrowind and it is amazing. I had played Daggerfall and am amazed at how detailed the world of Morrowind is. I just recently started exploring the major cities and can’t believe how large they are.

Have any of you played Bloodmoon or Tribunal? How are they?

I bought Morrowind a while ago, but stopped playing a couple months into it. Part of the reason is that my computer was chugging along trying vainly to render the world (especially indoors), but now that I have a new graphics card, that shouldn’t be as much of a problem. Now I have a whole new set of games to be obsolete with :stuck_out_tongue: (Vice City, I’m looking at you…)

Of course, now I’ve forgotten whatever the heck it was that I was trying to accomplish. I’ve heard that Tribunal fixes the journal to accomodate seperate entries for “heard,” “accepted,” and “finished” quests, which would be a great deal more useful.

The problem in my current game seems to be that I’ve got no magic skills whatsoever, and I played completely amorally and stole some of the best stuff early on, so I have little to look forward to in terms of equipment.

Well - I do have one other gripe, but that’s really just for my particular situation. My guy’s suberbly trained in light armor, but is in the Imperial Army. The Army only has medium and heavier armors. If I’m not carrying around an otherwise useless 20-pound set of chain at all times in case I’d like to visit a city, I get “Where’s your uniform?” from everybody I meet. That, and everytime I pass a quest for them, it’s “Congratulations, here’s a set of heavy shoulderplates.” Thanks, guys.

But again, that’s just me. I may have made some bad decisions. Next time I play, I’ll try to do better. It is fun once you get into it.

I have played both expansions and done pretty much every quest in them - and finished all the main plots.

I have a level 55 character. He is ungodly powerful. He could easily kill any Daedra Lord out there, never mind the petty minions you run into. The onyl reaosn I didn’t max him out was because I got bored accumulating mighty artifacts of power and had 1.5 million drakes (After that I stoppped selling things).

I had so much fun.

Anyway, now that I am done giving you my “my character is better than yours speach”, I suggest you take a look at the expansions:

Tribunal: Don’t try this until after you’ve finished the main quest, and prefereably some of the guild quest lines. Its bloody hard and takes a lot of time and power, and having a stealthy character helps a lot. Good quests, but the area you get to explore is small and many of the enemies are very cheap. There are a lot of goblins, which are no fun to fight. Every one of these puny bastards gets really good weapons and is way too hard for their appearance - its very unusual to see a half-trained goblin bastard be about the power level of a mid-level demon or better. Of course, the Dark Brotherhood (no spoiler here: mentioned in the manual, they start the whole quest) are super cheap: they walk around with Adamantine Jinkblades. Very irritating. Still, theres good equipment, a pretty good plot, and an awesome final battle. I’d give it a 3/5 - good overall but too short and too small.

Bloodmoon: I reccomend this fr character level 15-30. You’ll need to be pretty strong to beat it, but it has a pretty long main quest. It adds a new faction, the East Empire Company. It doesn’t reall fit in with Morrowind, though - this expansion is really different and has a much different style and tone to it. The final quest fight is a big letdown in some ways - there is a much cooler and harder fight before that. The enemies are really annoying, first and foremost, but there is some good armor to found here. The Riekingsa re basically the goblins from Tribunal given a new skin. I’d give it a 2/5, mostly saved because some of the new models and EE Company quests.

I also got this about a week ago, and it is pretty amazing, at least at first. I think the novelty wears off a bit when you realize that, like almost all role-playing games, it still basically comes down to shuffling numbers into the proper slots result in the fastest killing of bad guys, but it is impressive in sheer scale alone. I’m continually impressed by the number of items laying around that are really nothing but scenery. It’s too bad that these kind of open-ended games are largely wasted on me as I’m too nice to even do mean things to people in computer games.

I’m going through the game as a straight up beat-their-brains-out Barbarian, but the other classes seem intriguing for another go-through later. However, I’m wondering if anyone really sees any point in diplomatic and thieving characters?.. Seems like the former just saves you money (who cares, I have 4,000 gold, hoarded items worth maybe 100,000, and nothing to spend it on but cab fare) and the latter means you can steal equipment that you won’t have the skills to use. And it seems like you need strong combat skills no matter what as quests, as far as I can see, do generally require you to slaughter things. Any views?

I found the game embarrasing. Once you pick up Azura’s star (picking up Staada’s soul on the way) and learn the Summon Golden Saint spell, you can make an enchanted item to summon golden saints, and trap their souls. From there, the entire game is embarrasingly easy. Don’t like carting around armor? Make a ring with the bound items as constant effects! Want to travel overland? Some clothes with lots of permanent feather and jump are nice. And, for the truly psycho, you can get a bunch of exquisite clothing and jewelry, enchant it all with Sanctuary, and laugh as everyone’s %tohit chance goes to 0. But once you have pushed the boundaries of munchkinism, the game is kind of lacking in my opinion.

Great game if played [mostly] honestly. I loved it. There is so much to uncover and explore, but there is a ceiling to character strength. Very unfortunate.

robertliguoriI played on the X-Box but I’m sure a similar cheat is available for the PC. At any rate, I managed to have Azura’s Star with Staada’s soul at level one. That character was pretty much unstoppable and it only took about a day of playing (and I mean playing, not crouching in a corner so your sneak goes up). The most rewarding “cheat” I’ve found. If you play on an X-Box, and care, I can highlight what I did.

Does any game have anything much if you use every twink to max yourself out?