Oblivion is at hand! AKA I just got Elder Scrolls 4 Oblivion

I recently purchased Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion. It is incredibly fun, I play an Argonian theif/mage/fighter/archer, if that isn’t complicated enough, but enough about me, what kind of character have you made?

I just restarted with a new character. A female wood elf mage. I mostly want to concentrate on alchemy as I didn’t do any of that in Morrowind (I was a thief). I’m having a lot of fun with it too. The scenery is gorgeous! Some of the way the fighting is done bugs me, though.

I forgot to add, what is your favorite guild/quest in the game. I particularly enjoyed all the dark brotherhood missions, in particular, the quest where you crash the party/get together/whatever it was where you kill all the people and can blame other people, causing friends and lovers to turn against each other, slitting their throats :slight_smile: . As a side note, i may be somewhat demented.

I play a dark elf mage/stealth/combat. The Wizard’s Tower and Pirate official plugins are really good. The upcoming huge one sounds amazing.

I play a dark elf swordsman/illusionist. I also dabble in alchemy. The game is really pretty, but I hate how all the bandits somehow seem to all be decked out in glass armor and every goblin has attained the rank of warlord.

My brothers hate clearing out Oblivion gates, but I think they’re pretty fun.

It got to that point with me. They’re fun, but after a while there’s only so much red and black I can take before my eyes explode.

I am Arch-Mage and the head of the Fighter’s Guild. I’ve done almost all of the “freeform quests”, at least the ones listed in my guide book (dunno if there’s more than that which aren’t listed), and I stopped on the main quest about four steps away from solving it because I wanted to have the gates open for exploration.

I love this game. I love watching the limp body of an enemy tumble down a hill. I love the lush, gorgeous scenery, and I love the dialogue. (“I sell books. Buy a goddam book.”) I love luring an enemy into a trap. I love the Renaissance-style dresses. Did I mention I love this game?

Download Oscuros Overhaul It fixes that problem and does hundreds of other tweaks.

That mod seems like it would pretty much address any problems I have with the game. Unfortunately, I have the 360 version.

Due to being a console player I’ve never played any of the other games so pretty much picked my character at random and just played with no thoughts to anything.

My character has turned out to be: an Argonian thief/mage/fighter/archer :slight_smile:

Currently I’m head of the Dark Brotherhood and Thieves guild.
Almost made it to the top of the mages guild.
Completed almost all the misc/freeform quests.

HATE the oblivion gates, look so samey and it seems to be wave after wave of enemies. Find the gates extremely boring.

Yep, I’m 85 hours into the game and still haven’t started the main quest. I’m beginning to think I’ll skip it until I eventually start a combat-type character.

I just started a Nord pure fighter and find him to be not as much fun as a theif, there isn’t the adrenaline of wondering whether or not you will be discovered, the thrill of a silent one hit kill from across the room, or the pure joy of distracting a group of bandits by summoning a zombie then sneaking behind them and killing them in turn.
On a completely different note, I have found that the best way to get good items early on is to steal from sleeping guards, they have equipment that you normally don’t get until about level 5-7 and you can get it immediatly after leaving the sewers, plus my nord looks like somewhat a roman soldier, which is a big plus