Election Night in New York ?

In search of bargins we’'re (CAt Jones and I) are off to New York this weekend hoping to pick up a diamond ring so that her folks finally believe that I did ask her to marry me !

But what do we do Tuesday evening? Rather than watch the election on the TV which I usually do in Europe is there somewhere else that others are flocking to to get the results?

I’ll be staying in midtown Manhatten so I guess that it’ll be easy to find a bar with a TV but I was thinking more of a democratic conference/meeting or something.

Any ideas?

Times Square, big huge screens there, it’s where the world watches things happen.

The New York Democratic Party Headquarters is at 60 Madison Ave, but they won’t let you up to their floor unless you’re invited.

I only know that because I interviewed for a job at a company in the same building and Hillary was hanging out in the lobby. :eek:

Stay in and watch The Daily Show’s live coverage starting at 10 pm. While not as funny as looking at residents of New York City, it’ll be more coherent. :smiley: