Electric razor reccomendations

The ones I’ve used in the past feel as though tiny little hands were yanking out facial hair.
Do you have one that you like?

Never had that problem but I never had one that got as close as a razor.

Beard on, dude. :smiley:

I’ve used Norelco rotary shavers for most of my adult life, and I’ve always liked them. I don’t have heavy facial hair, which is part of the reason why a electric shaver works well for me, but I’ll note that I’ve never noticed any tugging or pulling with them.

I had a Remington foil shaver for a little while, and I hated it. It did feel like it tugged sometimes, as well as nicking my skin (something that the Norelcos have never done).

I think that electric shavers are so delighted to find one of my few whiskers that they yank on it extra hard.

The yanking feeling is probably a sign of dull blades inside. Sharp ones would shear off the hair without any noticeable tugging going on. Were you using old razors?

This is one I have tried to like over the years.

My favorite was the Norelco that had the soothing gel packs that went in it and you could press the button to add the gel to the shaving heads and help with shaving. Unfortunately they get dull quick and pull and then I hate life.

I have gotten to where I shave with a blade for my face and then use the electric razor for my head. It never feels like it is pulling and is much easier than a blade.

I wish I could find a good electric shaver.

I am with my Panasonic— which yanks— because it’s an older model and the replacement blades and foil are stupidly expensive. Like, “I may as well (and probably will) buy a new razor instead” expensive.

I recently bought a Braun Series 5 (Model 5090cc) electric razor. It replaced a ten year old Braun Series 3 razor that didn’t hold a charge very long and didn’t seem to perform all that well. I really like the new one. It is more powerful, faster and gives a closer shave. Not as close as a blade, mind you, but it shaves with much less skin irritation. I haven’t had any problem with pulling hairs.

If you look at Braun razors, try not to get confused by individual model numbers. All Series 7 razors will work pretty much the same, but some have slightly different features. Same with all Series 5 or Series 9 razors. I chose the 5 because it seemed like the best value, and is regarded as nearly as good as the newer, more expensive Series 7 and 9 razors. I bought the version with the “Clean & Renew” base that cleans and charges the razor. So far, I’ve been cleaning and charging it once a week.


At some point the blades of course, became dull. I recall that the yanking was worse.

I’m taking low dose aspirin, and bleed for some time at even tiny cuts. Mrs. Plant (v.3.0) puts a black pillowcase on my side of the bed.

I used electric shavers for years — both the Norelco rotary type (I thought it worked poorly), and the Remington style mentioned above. Neither really delivered a close smooth shave (and I’m not at all very hairy). They worked poorly, if at all, on those longer neck hairs. That sideburn trimmer on the side worked more-or-less okay (for neck hairs too) until the blade began to get dull, then poorly. Then I learned that the sideburn trimmer blade was not replaceable. I finally beat my last electric shaver to pieces with a sledgehammer.

Then I tried those little disposable razors. My conclusions:
[ol][li] They work MUCH better than any electric shaver I’ve ever had.[/li][li] They are every bit as easy and quick to shave with them.[/li][li] They do, however, require some kind of lubricant. Plain old hand soap lather is perfectly cromulent for this.[/ol][/li]
Final conclusion: Fuck electric shavers, now and forever. Disposable razors (which can be used over and over for anywhere from a week to a month, depending how often you shave) have multiple advantages and no disadvantages.

I’ve used both kinds, and prefer the Norelco rotary ones.

If they start yanking the hairs, you need to sharpen the blades (or replace them). There used to be a shop in town that would do that, though it was a bit expensive. But now you can buy replacement heads online for much cheaper.

You can’t sharpen the blades better and cheaper at home?


When I first started shaving, as a teenager, I had bad acne. I wasn’t willing to try a disposable / safety razor, as I was afraid to cut my face up. My father gave me a Norelco when I was 14 or so, and I’ve never actually used a regular razor.

FIL (v.1.0) sharpened his chain saw blade without gloves. Tiny wounds and blood were all over his left hand.
“I never touched your daughter Sir! Yes, Sir, we are married, but I never touched her, Sir!”

We are in agreement, I was just hoping that I could earn a pillow case that matched the sheets.