I need a better electric razor

I currently have a Braun 190s-1, and it currently works somewhat o.k…if the hair is sticking straight out, fine and is less than two days old. The disc blades were never incredibly sharp, and now they are suitable for perhaps cutting room temperature butter. I need something that will shave my facial hair without have to go over the same area 20 or 30 times, with perhaps a trimmer attached. If this can be done for under $60, all the better.

I’ve used Brauns for the last 20 years and not had any complaints. I just replace the cutters and foil every few years, cleaning them thoroughly every so often. (I have the more expensive model that has the cleaning base.) But I haven’t used a 190s. I see there’s a 3040s that’s in your price range.

If I were switching to a different manufacturer, I would probably try a Remington FS-5800. My FIL bought one and seems to like it.

My dad uses a Norelco series 5000 razor, and it works fine for him. However, every so often (maybe once a week) we have to take the blades out to clean them. Rinsing it under running water isn’t good enough - it gets clogged with whiskers and stops cutting if we don’t clean it out. Have you tried a thorough internal cleaning?

It’s also possible to replace the foil and blades on your Braun. The current price on Amazon is $20.49, which is a lot less than a new razor. On the other hand, maybe you’re tired of dealing with your razor and want something different.

I think the logical question is do you really want an electric razor? I have found that every electric razor I’ve had works ok at first, then eventually just painfully tugs at your whiskers and you still look like Fred Flintstone when you’re done.

If you’re really stuck on electric I think preshave powder makes a lot of difference like the Remington Face Shaver stick. Among shavers, I think the Norelcos are a little better in that you can change the blades relatively cheaply and easily.

I would consider moving away from electric entirely. A normal shave with a real blade is much better and more satisfying. I have an electric that I use if I have to.

I have a pretty good Norelco wet/dry one. I never use it wet. Every week I rinse off the shave heads and spray with canned air. And I replace the head every year.

You can sharpen the blades on a piece of glass, or if they are super dull, start on wet/dry 600 or 1200 paper and finish on glass. I was surprised how well it works after sharpening.

I use Occam’s. It’s the simplest way to shave.

This is fine with a rotary razor. I don’t see how you could do it with a foil shaver, which is what Czarcasm has.

Good one!

I have a Norelco wet/dry rechargeable, 3000 series; nothing fancy. I rinse the blades daily, after every use. Needs recharging after about 2 weeks. It’s very fast; I get a decent shave in just over a minute. I could get a closer shave with a razor, but that’s just not important to me. I replace the blades every 6 months or so.

My previous shaver was similar, also a Norelco. I had it for ~10 years. It still cut fine, but the battery wasn’t holding a charge for long, and the new models are lighter.