Recommend me a good electric shaver

I can no longer shave my face with a regular razor. I get ingrown hairs and it just sucks. I had two on Sunday and it looked like I was in the process of sprouting tusks. I’ve tried everything possible to prevent it - everything but switching to an electric shaver.

My understanding is that and electric shaver leaves the whisker more blunt, so it is less likely to burrow back under the skin when it grows back. But, my (very limited) experience with electrics has not been good.

Granted, the only electric shavers I’ve used have been cheap.

So, here’s my criteria. I need it to shave my face - my beard doesn’t grow super fast so it doesn’t need to be a ‘baby’s butt smooth’ close shave. I need it to cut the whiskers more than yank them out like my previous electrics seem to (ie. I’d like it to be fairly comfortable to shave). I’m only willing to spend about $150.

I’m looking for personal experiences here. And if I can’t get a good electric shave for $150 or less, I’m going Grizzly Adams style.

TIA for any help!

Oh, I wanted to add that I not too concerned about whether or not it’s corded.

If it is a cordless model (which would be nice on occasion) It has to have a cord that I can plug in so I can use the shaver even if I let the battery go dead. I don’t want to find myself with a dead shaver and have to plug it in for 8 hrs before I can use it.

I’m in the Navy and I frequently have to shave fast, on the fly as it were. I think they are all the same. I use a three head Norelco. I think the key is springing for new heads once a year or so. They get dulled due to shaving, being tossed in the shave kit etc., so they have to be replaced. A dull razor, of any kind doesn’t work.

I use a three-rotor Norelco I bought maybe thirty years ago. About a year after I bought it the switch crapped out, so I hard-wired it. Been working fine ever since. Cuts okay, doesn’t irritate my face.

I have had good experience with my Norelco. I don’t remember the model now but they make lots of models. It can be used cordless or corded. It has an adjustment for closeness that is a tradeoff with comfort. You do have to clean and lube it from time to time and replace the blades now and then.

Sometimes I shave with a regular razor, sometimes the electric; they say you get a better shave with an electric about two weeks after you stop with a regular razor, because scar tissue heals over.

I use a Panasonic: ES8077. I think it’s great, although it has some features that you don’t list as being important (cordless, self cleaning, waterproof) so you should be able to find some less expensive (it’s about $150), but I love shaving in the shower and letting the thing clean itself.

Before that one, I had a corded Norelco, and it worked great for years until it kind of broke down.

Oh, and buying new heads regularly like spifflog mentions is important. And the ES8077 does need cleaning cartridges (I think maybe $40 every couple of months), so the upkeep is something to consider for that particular model.

I’ve found that the secret to getting a good electric shave is to use a pre-shave gel. There are several brands, one of which is “Williams Lectric.” You put it on and let it dry, and it lubricates things. It makes a big difference.

I use a Norelco shaver, but I’ve never had any other brand so I can’t say whether it’s the best or not.

My wife bought me a Braun something-or-other at Sams for about $60 a couple of years ago and I have to say it’s worked great. I never liked using electric shavers before, but since I get up at 430am and rush off to the gym, it’s been really handy. As you mentioned, it’s not as close a shave as a razor, but it does come close.