Electric razors.

Some questions and opinions wanted.

I’ve had a braun thingy for roughly 2 years. It did an adequate job except round the neck and took a long time for one shave.

Yesterday I decided to splash out on a new razor. I went for one that was voted the best one on the market in a popular consumer magazine (can’t remember it’s name) Philishave HQ 7870.

Today was my first shave. It seemed to go closer and did a better job around the neck, but it still took a while and as I sit here with my head resting on my palm it feels rough and…‘stubbly’. On the instructions it says it may take the skin a few weeks to get used to the razor. What does this mean? My skin is used to a razor, does it need to get used to this razor?

I’m guessing because the blades may be at a slightly different height or angle, and you may have sensitive skin.

From what I can tell from my experience, users of any electric shaver – regardless of price or design – have to get used to a less close shave than what a hand razor can provide.

Sure, a nice electric razor can get you a “close enough” shave – you essentally have really short stubble all of the time. But if you want a baby-smooth shave, ISTM a regular razor is a necessity.

Others’ MMV.

This is true, although the payoff is that I don’t end up with an ugly red rash around my neck for three hours after with an electric shave.

The OPs question though, is why it feels worse with a new electric razor after already having used one. My WAG (and third razor in) is that you have to get accustomed to the new razor, and learn to tackle the shave in the way that suits it (aaahh). Let me explain. My beard grows in all different directions, and the foil on my latest razor copes if I use it at a certain angle for certain parts of the face. These angles aren’t the same as my last, even though they were both the same make.