Electric shavers

OK guys, I’m considering buying an electric shaver, but have absolutely no clue as to which one. What are the advantages/disadvantages? I really hate shaving, but I can’t grow any reasonably decent facial hair. I end up looking like the guy most mothers warn their children about :o

Any opinions would be appreciated.

Norelco is pretty good. You must remember it takes about a month to get a decent shave from any electric razor. Also it’s hard to switch back and forth between blade and electric. I haven’t found anything to come close to being smooth as a blade, but Norelco comes closest.

Second the motion on Norelco. The Remington microscreen is too fragile.
For the record, Consumer Reports once said that 75% of North Americans use the blade, while 75% of Europeans used electric.
They speculated the European preference had a lot to do with availability of hot water.

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Satan is retarded. Scratch that last post… I was GONNA say that Norelco is indeed a rockin’ product.

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Norelco! I’ve tried others, Remington & Brahn & always go back.


Doug Bowe,

I’m sure that’s either an old report, or it’s crap altogether.
At least 50% use the blade in Europe (well, in Holland anyway - not that Holland is a role model for other European countries: Hell No !).

O, and we also have hot water available now in most European countries. Let’s say, since the 1930’s or so. Seriously, did you think we’re still in the Dark Ages over here or something ??



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Norelco. I’ll follow anything that promises me triple head every morning.

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Norelco is the way to go…my dad gave me one for my 17th birthday…loved it…have never found any that compare. and I’ve tried the micro-screen thing…works ok, but you’re out of luck if you set the damn thing down to hard.
I didn’t know that you couldn’t switch back and forth…can you give me some info why?..Thanks…
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“I think it would be a great idea” Mohandas Ghandi’s answer when asked what he thought of Western civilization

–Coldfire: It must be an old report. Consumer Reports online data base only goes back for the last three years (I was ready to sock you with a quote).
I’ll stand by their old figures when they were printed. a)Remember, there is only one electric razor still manufactured in the U.S.(Remington). A lot of the rest of the electric models come from places a closer to you.
b)I don’t know what progress Gillette has made selling blades in Europe in the last decades.
c)Okay, I admit I had a friend who rented a very old home on the outskirts of Bremen for several years…the hot water facilities were added later.
In his case, about 400 years later.

Ah…we did this once. The rotating head Norelco works on all beards.I have a Braun also, slim for travel, but it sucks.
Try the cheapest non charging Norelco, otherwise you need to charge the sucker all the time. It won’t charge WHILE you are shaving, so sometimes you realize you are delayed 5 min because the thing is completetly out.

All I can say is that only a blade shave will pass my wife’s inner thigh no scratch test.
You might consider the impact on your lovelife before you get that electric shaver.

Does that mean we now know the source of your UserName?

Haven’t tried it but the one that has the lotion that squirts out seems cool though kinda pricey.

I have a Remington three head. Have never used any others. It does okay, but the blade is definitely closer.


Have an old Norelco, which was decent, but I don’t use it anymore since I now have a beard, and use a beardtrimmer.

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Does that mean we now know the source of your UserName?

LOL! Great reply!! Your mind must run in the same smutty channels as mine. (Wonder what that says about Divemaster?)

Yep, that’s one source. The other is that scuba diving really is another of my passions.