Electrical Engineer Comic Fail

Its fun to hurt yourself with electricity.

Ok, that was hilarious in a Three Stooges way…
But that guy needs to hand over his degree (if he has one). I’ve had my share of shocks and explosions, but some of the safety rules he broke (like working on a live line-voltage powered lamp) are things every EE should know never to break.

This is amusing, not sure how much is genuine but its still funny to anyone with any electrical skills - could see some of these coming.

The video the OP linked to is a compilation of segments from the ElectroBOOM channel. I have no doubt that the star of the videos, Mehdi Sadaghdar, is staging all of these pratfalls quite deliberately. Some of his stunts look like they probably hurt, but then so do a number of pro-wrestling moves; in both cases, they are performance art, done for entertainment’s sake. Why else would he leave them in the finished videos that he uploads?

If Sadaghdar were really as inept as his videos make him appear to be, he’d surely be dead by now.

It’s ElectroBOOM’s (one trick pony) thing. I think he’s funny, and he has actual good stuff going on in his videos between the lighter moments.

The first time I saw one of his videos I figured “with a moniker like that, he ought to be good for 3 videos before the gag wears out” but he does it well IMHO.

Oh, that was quite amusing. And a great bit of acting; I hope.

ElectroBOOM is a great channel. It gets a little complex but it’s generally very good. You can guarantee he’ll shock himself at least once an episode.
I didn’t watch the compilation, but if it wasn’t in there, go find the time the Jacob’s Ladder fell on him and he tried to catch it.

And, for what it’s worth, it’s not fake and it is on purpose. He’s an EE and knows exactly what he’s doing. He’s mentioned a few times that he just has a very high tolerance for this type of pain.

If you want something similar, but without the person getting hurt on a regular basis, there’s BigCliveDotCom.

That zap belt had me cracking up.