Electrolysis of sea water; chlorine production.

An electrolysis device is used to kill marine aquarium pests, glass anemones and majano anemones. The device uses electrolysis to change the water in the anemones bodies to hydrogen and oxygen, obviously killing the pests.
A warning on the device documentation is that chlorine gas is produced, and extended use may be harmful to fish.
How does the electrolysis of sea water produce chlorine?
Probably something to do with NaCl, I’ll warrant.

A-yup. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chlorine_production

Then again, sending electricity through a ting with even a rudimentary nervous system can be a pretty bad thing. You don’t need to make the living things water into gas. But I suppose that certainly helps get rid of them.

Thanks, Arkcon.
Anemone (Anemonae?) will reproduce from any bit of remaining material. This supposedly destroys the entire creature so that more will not grow from the pieces.