Electronics expert needed

I’m looking for an on-off switch that is activated by a key or a rocker switch with a safety cover. It will be installed in a car and must be able to handle 25 amps. The switch will be used to control a solenoid that locks my center differential. Very bad things will happen if it is ever accidentally activated.

Any ideas where I can find such a switch?


I used to work at a NAPA store, and sold switches like this all the time. Find a NAPA store and tell em what you need. They will have an “Echlin Illustrated Buyers Guide” with tons of keyed on/off switches in it.

I am going home this weekend, if you like I can look up a few part numbers while I am there to give you something to go on.

One more thing… You need 25 amps@12 volts to control a solenoid? That seems like a lot of current to me.

How about a battery disconnect? Call Summit or Jeg’s and ask. That, or call up your local Newark Electronics and ask them what they have.

You could also set up a keyed switch to drive a relay, but you should be able to find a shutoff switch that will work.

Heh - that should read “2.5” amps, not 25.

Thanks for your help guys!