Eleventh Hour, premiere 10/9/08

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The premise: a hot hotshot scientist is used by the FBI to help solve crimes that are based on, or use “science”. (huh?)

His “partner”, actually an agent from the “executive protection” detail is a hot (female) kick-butt agent. Her job: protect him.

Last night’s premiere episode dealt with illegal human cloning.

All in all, I was pretty unimpressed. The writing was just ok, the acting was just ok, the best part was when the female agent, on getting his “panic button” alert (false alarm), races out of her room, gun in hand, in only her underwear and a thin robe.

My take: it’s just BARELY good enough to watch one more episode to see if it gets any better.

Anyone else see it and have an opinion?


I"m usually fairly forgiving of a good show concept that has a weak pilot. But this one was very weak.

The two female villains were way too cardboard, central casting, typical mad scientists. They didn’t give us the slightest reason why the one was so willing to kill for the project. And why, if she thought sticking a pair of scissors in a guy was worth doing, she left him alive and able to talk to the authorities.

They seem to want us to think that Dr. Hood is some sort of national treasure, who needs major protection just for being out among the populace. But he apparently is unable to get any manpower. When you are going to a medical clinic to save a person you know is in medical distress there, you bring some medical types along, not to mention someone to handcuff the badguys (instead of letting them stroll slowly away). You don’t go alone with just your bodyguard.

Having the scene with the girl flatlined while the doc did some lousy CPR compressions, adding no drugs at any point, end with her heart restarting and her opening her eyes seconds later was just screamingly bad. That never, ever happens that way, and a show about science should know that.

Also, this episode seemed to be very preachy and anti-science. I get that the folks doing the human experiments aren’t good scientists and need to be stopped, but you’d expect someone like Dr. Hood to throw in an occasional comment in favor of science.

I saw parts of it (I was also watching the Phils) and I agree with you on most points.

Particularly as to what the best part was.

Pretty medicocre all around, I’d say.

Yeah, not great. I love Rufus Sewell, though, so I’ll keep watching for a while.

It’s a remake of a UK show, that starred Patrick Stewart, which I quite liked. It began slow, but picked up by the time it was cancelled, four episodes in.

This story is an exact duplicate of the UK version, sometimes down to the same camera angles, which is a little weird.

Just got around to watching it last night, and I have to agree with all the points brought up here. Particularly the last scene at the clinic–I mean, the female agent’s primary duty is to protect Dr. Hood, right? So when they enter the procedure room, what does she do? She leaves Hood alone in the room with a mysterious woman that neither one of them knows from a hole in the wall! Possibly the most inane thing I’ve ever seen in a crime show, ever!

And it got off to such a good start, but it’s as if the writers couldn’t get past that except for saying, “OK, where do we insert the scene where she’s in the bathrobe?”

I’ll give it one more chance, but so far it’s pretty lame.

I think that was the worst CPR scene in the whole cinematic history of CPR scenes. I’ve seen cartoons with more realism. Hand puppets. SHADOW puppets.

I was not impressed. The first sign it was going to be stupid: The guy fleeing throws a container marked “biohazard” out the window and the police guy picks it up and opens it. Jesus.