Elfie's Song Lyric Challenge

So I found something on my hard drive today: the document I used to make myself my last message board in college. I shook my head, lamenting over how few of these songs anyone had ever heard of, then I got an idea. I could take away the band names and see if anyone else knew the songs!

To be a challenge, though, there have to be points. And since it’s my challenge, I get to decide which are easy, sort of hard, really hard, and damn near impossible, to figure out. :smiley: So I assigned them points between 1 and 3. I’ll let you know in advance how many points each is worth.

Whoever gets the most points, wins. What do you win? My admiration, other people’s envy, and the joy of knowing you made me do math. Or maybe you’d like a pretty award I could make in paintshop.

You only need to give the band/artist name, not the song title, though you can if you want to. There are a few people/bands that are on here twice. Unfortunately, it will only let me post 100 of the 150 quotes I had ready. Perhaps I’ll post the rest in another thread.


  1. “All I want to do is to be there for the things you’re going through. Is it good for you? Is it good for you? You haunt the nights when I don’t know where my life should go, is that good for you?”- 2pts

  2. " It’s all right to tell me what you think of me. It’ll happen once again, I’ll turn to a friend. Someone who understands the master plan, but I’ve been here too long to face this on my own. Well, I guess this is growing up." –1pt

  3. “I have a tendency to wear my mind on my sleeve”- 1pt

  4. " You my friend, I will defend. If we change, well, I’ll love you anyway." -1pt

  5. " You got to leave it alone, let it be. You can’t hide from the evil in me, if you want to find some kind of peace of mind." – 3pts

  6. “When you get close to something that big, you can’t see anything at all.”-3pts

  7. " I want to get away, I want to fly away. Yeah, yeah, yeah." –1pt

  8. " Are we half way?" –3pts

  9. " Meet me halfway, we can’t help but come together. I’ll make you happy. Don’t you know it’s not really that complicated? Listen you, think of all the time we’ve wasted. Don’t ask how, dreams come true. We’ll find a way to make it right. " – 2pts

  10. " Born to be down, I think I’ve said this before now. Born to be down, what good is confidence? And you just don’t get it, you keep it copacetic, and you learn to accept it. You know it’s so pathetic, and you don’t. and you don’t. " –1pt

  11. " I know I get cold, cause I can’t leave things well alone. Understand I’m accident prone. Me, I get free every night the moon is mine. But when the morning comes don’t say you love me, don’t say you need me. I really don’t think that’s fair." – 2pts

  12. “ She’s afraid of a light in the dark…Say you don’t want it, but you don’t really mean it.”-2pts

  13. " I go from strange to stranger every year. I take it back, you’re panicking. I take it back. I just don’t know, and I really thought I wanted to go, but when we’re close you look through me like a ghost." – 3pts

  14. " One last thing before I quit, I never wanted any more than I could fit into my head. I still remember every single word you said and all the shit that somehow came along with it. Still there’s one thing that comforts me since I was always caged and now I’m free." – 1pt

  15. “This is the noise that keeps me awake, my head explodes and my body aches.”-1pt

  16. " Why should I care? Too late to say I’m sorry. Don’t look for her. She’s not there. " –2pts

  17. “ She flew too high. It’s too late. She’s come undone."- 2pts

  18. " She didn’t want to play the role of the fool again, won’t be fooled again." 2pts

  19. “I don’t want someone to squeeze me, that might take away my life. Just want someone to hold me, and we’ll rock through the night.”-2pts

  20. "She says that love is for fools that fall behind. And I’m somewhere in between. I never know a killer from a savior. – 2pts

  21. “Love don’t change, don’t come around here. Don’t wear my heart on your sleeve like a high school letter. Don’t strain cause nothing ever comes of it. And the people we’ve become, well they never been the people who we are.” –3pts

  22. " You confuse me in a way that I’ve never known. Break me, shake me, hate me, take me over. When the madness stops you’ll be alone." –2pts

  23. " She didn’t believe in transcendence." –2pts

  24. " You’re in the thick of it, we’re in the thick of it all." – 2pts

  25. " Despite all my rage, I’m still just a rat in a cage." – 1pt

  26. " Don’t you hate it when people are in love? They’re so happy, so fucking happy. I want to cut you down."- 3pts

  27. " There may be a lot I don’t know about you, but I know if I don’t swim I’m already drowning." - 2pts

  28. " Doesn’t it seem most precarious, doesn’t it seem such a chance to take? Doesn’t it seem most precarious, why does it feel like a big mistake?" – 1pt

  29. " I face the change, I’ve tasted pain, digging a hole, now take the blame. I fell aside, I cast away, covered in shame, now take the blame." – 2pts

  30. " But it’s easier not to, so much easier not to. And what goes around never comes around to you." –2pts

  31. " So you think you can tell heaven from hell? Blue skies from pain? I wish, how I wish you were here. We’re just two lost souls swimming in a fishbowl year after year." – 1pt

  32. " You want it all, but you can’t have it. It’s in your face, but you can’t grab it."- 1pt

  33. " Tell me, who’s that girl running around with you? " –3pts

  34. " I remember running through the wet grass, falling a step behind. Both of us never tiring, desperately wanting." –1pt

  35. " Come on try a little, nothing is forever. There’s got to be something better than in the middle." –1pt

  36. " With my naked eye I saw the rain coming down on me."- 1pt

  37. " I’d come along but I don’t know where you’re taking me. " – 2pts

  38. " I’m never alone, I’m alone all the time." –2pts

  39. " I’m the only one who will let you in tonight. " –2pts

  40. " I alone am the one you don’t know you need, don’t know you need me. Make me blind when your eyes close, tie me to the bed posts." –2pts

  41. " What I didn’t know was that I was killing you. I said a lot of things that I didn’t mean to. But I’m older now, and I believe in you. I’m willing to wait a while if it brings me back to you."- 3pts

  42. " Got the urge to do it, skin to skin. What the hell, here I go, jump right in." – 2pts

  43. " And you, you were acting like it was the end of the world." – 2pts

  44. " Slide over here, and give me a moment. You’re one of my kind." –1pt

  45. " I’ll be your only, your one and only, that’s the way that it starts." –3pts (original or cover)

  46. " I should have known you were the devil, dressed up as a sweet sweet divine thing."- 2pts

  47. " Dizzy moon, the dream is over. Dizzy moon, the dream is dead." –3pts

  48. " If I hadn’t screwed it up years ago I might be here with you." –1pt

  49. " No one said it would be easy, but no one said it would be this hard. No one said it would be easy, but no one thought we’d come this far." –2pts

  50. " Stay the night, fight the break of dawn. Because in the morning I’ll be gone." 1pt

  51. " It’s not the way you say it, but it’s more the way you mean it when you tell me how it’s going to be. And when you stop and thing about it you won’t believe it’s true, the whole love you’ve been giving has all been meant for you." – 2pts

  52. " Yeah, if I make it I’ll really be amazed just to find tomorrow. Yeah, one more day and I’d be amazed to see that way again. Yeah if I make it, I’m still alone, no more hope for better days. And if I could change I’d really be amazed. When you can’t relate to one more shining face, your heart breaks. No one cares. " – 2pts

  53. " Get over regret, while you were sleeping with the angels he was under the bed. And the more skin that you shed the more that the air in your throat will linger when you call him your friend. And it was never a question, he was crowing for repair. You’d give him love and affection, but you couldn’t keep him there." –2pts

  54. " No one knows what we’ll do when we’re free, might as well just crash with me. " - Folk Implosion

  55. " I couldn’t taste it, I’m tired and naked. I don’t know what I’m hungry for, I don’t know what I want anymore." –1pt

  56. " I’m so tired of being tired. Sure as night will follow day most things I worry about will never happen anyway. " – 2pts

  57. " Somewhere along the line I must have gone off the track with you. Excuse me, I think I’ve mistaken you for someone else, someone who gave a damn, someone more like me." – 2pts

  58. " What is it that I think I need? Is there love in me that wants to be freed? Or is it just selfishness and ego we carry everywhere we go? This feeling that life is incomplete, do you feel that too? Do you want what I want? And if I should start to cry and I can’t begin to tell you why, and I stumble when I begin, it’s cause I don’t understand anything." –3pts

  59. " Seems like I’ve been here before, seems so familiar, seems like I’m slipping into a dream within a dream. It’s the way you whisper, drag me under, take me whole." – 2pts

  60. " Where will it lead us from here? With no loving in our souls and no money in our coats you can’t say we’re satisfied…can’t say we didn’t try." 1pt

  61. " I see you, the only one who knew me, and now your eyes see through me. I guess I was wrong."- 2pts

  62. " Did you want me to say that I’d die for you?" – 3pts

  63. " You know you have me wrapped around your finger, that all I really want is to be with you. Do you have to let it linger?" – 1pt

  64. "And I’m barely breathing, I can’t find the air. Don’t know who I’m kidding, imagining you care. I can stand here waiting, fool for another day. I don’t suppose it’s worth the price, the price I’d pay. But I’m thinking it over anyway. " –1pt

  65. " And I wish I had a way to make it better, to rearrange the world and make you smile, but it’s dumb to even think I had that power, and we haven’t been that close in a while…but I tried to chase you down and I got tired, so I’m leaving you to you or someone else, 'cause you never wanna hook up in the middle, and I’d meet you there to talk if you would show, but you answer every question with a riddle and refuse to even choose to let me go." – 2pts

  66. " To me, coming from you, friend is a four letter word. End is the only part of the word I heard…I am wishing you would say to me that I’m really only praying that the words you say might betray the way you feel about me." –2pts

  67. " I want you to notice when I’m not around. You’re so fucking perfect. I wish I was perfect." – 1pt

  68. " I see you soul, it’s kinda gray. You see my heart and look away." –1pt

  69. " You’re always talking back to me, you won’t let it be. Won’t you touch me? Never bothered you before. Now I stand and appeal for more. Won’t you touch me, touch me? I finally found a reason, don’t need an excuse, got this time on my hands, you’re the one to abuse."- 1pt

  70. " Don’t just stand there saying nice things to me. I’ve been cheated, I’ve been wronged, and you don’t know me. I can’t change, I won’t do anything at all. I want to push you around, and I will. I want to push you down, take you for granted. I will, I will."- 1pt

  71. “Going to find me someone to share a common disaster.” – 2pts

  72. “You’re the devil in me I brought in from the cold. You said your body was young but your mind was very old. You’re coming on strong and I like the way the visions we had have faded away. You’re part of a life I’ve never had” – 2pts

  73. " Oh I’ve been such a fool, spent my life waiting for you…Should have been enough to know that you’d let us all down. Could have been enough to try without making a sound. It’s all part of the plan, my dear. Got to get away from here." –3pts

  74. " I tried living in the real world, but I was bored before I even began." –3pts

  75. “And the greatest of teachers won’t hesitate to leave you there, by yourself, chained to fate. I alone love you. I alone tempt you. I alone love you. Fear is not the end of this!” – 1pt

  76. “I left my brain inside of my other head. You don’t impress me, don’t depress me, don’t supress me, just undress me. The teachers test me, my father blessed me. The pigs arrest me, I get upset. Boo hoo.” –3pts

  77. " If fucking up takes practice, I feel I’m well rehearsed. Because the past is a bully, and the future’s even worse." –2pts

  78. “I know the secret of your soul. And I just don’t want to know- Yeah, man we got to grow up.” –2pts

  79. " You make me shake when I should settle down, I hold back when I should beat around. I can’t seem to get you out of my mind, I can’t get you off of my mind. So it won’t be long, no it won’t be long until I’m holding onto what you’ve just said."-3pts

  80. " Could you enlighten me? You’re a head-case story. Just trust me you said. I say no!"- 2pts

  81. " You don’t care who lies to you, you finally found something to do, don’t it make you black eyes blue? Kills you if you want it to. Isn’t it drawer?" – 3pts

  82. " What do I have to do to make you happy? What do I have to do to make you understand? What do I have to do to make you want me? And if I can’t make you want me, what do I have to do, to forget about you?"- 1pt

  83. " Tell me what you want to hear, I’ll play along. Tell me if you want me near, I’ll play along. But only for so long."- 3pts

  84. " You had something to hide, should have hidden it, shouldn’t ya? Now you’re not satisfied, with what you’ve been put through. It’s just time to pay the price for not listening to advice, deciding in your youth on the policy of truth. Never again is what you swore the time before. "- 2pts (original or cover)

  85. " Lift me up when I’m falling. Lift me up- I’m weak and I’m dying. Lift me up- I need you to hold me. Lift me up- and keep me from drowning again." –2pts

  86. " I think you’re smart you sweet thing. Give me your sign, I’m dying here. I’ve got you where I want you."- 1pt

  87. " The bigger you give the bigger you get. We’re boss at denial but best at regret. The cupboard is empty, we really need food. Summer is winter and you always knew." – 2pts

  88. " Like the coldest winter chill, heaven beside you, hell within. Like the coldest winter will, you wish you had it still. Heaven inside you." – 1pt

  89. " I know you like what’s on my mind. I know you want what’s on my mind." –1pt

  90. " I hope you had the time of your life." –1pt

  91. " How long have you been sitting in the darkness? You forget. You know you’re getting hard to be with and you’re crying every time you turn around. Oh my crazy baby, try to hold on tight. Oh my crazy baby, don’t put out the light. And your hands are shaking something awful as your worries crawl around inside your clothes. "- 3pts

  92. " I love all of you hurt by the cold. So hard and lonely too when you don’t know yourself."- 1pt

  93. "The more you suffer the more it shows that you really care. Right? Yeah. "- 1pt

  94. " Don’t fade this time. You’ll be inspired. I’ve been resigned. When these fears subside this time, decide, to look hard, inside. You’ll know me"- 3pts

  95. “You make me nervous throat dry. My brain is empty don’t know why. But I saw you doing something, Which is really truly nothing. But you could bust me out all day.”- 1pt

  96. “If you spin your love around, the secrets of your dreams, You may find your love is gone. And is not quite what it seemed, to appear to disappear beneath all your darkest fears.”- 2pts

  97. “I don’t mind you coming here and wasting all my time, 'cause when you’re standing oh so near I kinda lose my mind.”- 2pts

  98. " Who’s that sending devious glances in my direction?" –2pts

  99. " My heart fell out of my backpack and into a puddle. I didn’t feel anything even though my chest was empty. I just fished out the pieces and walked away. Nowhere and everywhere."- 2pts

  100. “There are many things that I’d like to say to you, but I don’t know how. Because maybe you’re going to be the one to save me.”-1pt

(smartens up. slightly)

Hey, maybe I could just paste the rest in the next message. D’oh!

There are 2 four point questions in this last batch. I may die of shock if either is answered correctly. :slight_smile:


  1. " And I would be the one to hold you down, kiss you so hard, I’ll take your breath away. And after I’d wipe away your tears, just close your eyes my dear." 1pt

  2. " It’s bitter sweet, more sweet than bitter, bitter than sweet. It’s a bitter sweet surrender."- 2pts

  3. " I’ve been fixed on all the damage done. Why do I always forget how far I’ve come? I’m done dying for the past, done dying for the past…can’t you judge me for my love, and not mistakes I’ve made? I swear by who I am and not by yesterday." – 2pts

  4. " But I’m saved again, saved by a little realizing and a whole lot of pain, and all the time I’ve spent and all the time that’s slipped away ain’t over. Trials fade away. "- 3pts

  5. “Well, you may not want to see me when you come back, I could be sharing someone else’s pillow. And my love for you is better than diamonds. To you everything I bestow.” – 2pts

  6. " I’m not talking for myself, I’m just the only one who’s listening." 3pts

  7. " Can’t ever keep from falling apart at the seams. Can’t I believe you’re taking my heart to pieces? Oh, we’ll take a little time, might take a little crime to come undone. We’ll try to stay blind to the hope and fear outside. Hey child try to stay wilder than the wind that’ll blow me in to cry…Who do you need, who do you love, when you’ve come undone? "- 1pt

  8. " No no no, look what you made me do. No no no, got me wanting you. No no no, got me pining, I’m pining over you. You tricky little jerk. You trick me every time. " 3pts

  9. "I wanna be sugar free. I don’t care if you despise me. I want to see some energy that you never gave to me. I know what I need. I know that what I’m going to do, I know that I’m going to leave very soon. Ever since yesterday I’ve sensed the break-away. "- 3pts

  10. “I believe you know me well, I react like you’re ringing a bell. And you sorry that you treated me so unkind? Well never you mind. I believe I’ve got you down, you react like anybody else around. Are you sorry you wasted out time? Well, never you mind.” –2pts

  11. “I know you’re scared, you should be. Hero. Dreamer…I saw your tongue, it licked my heart.”- 2pts

112.“Always love the one you hurt. It’s a crack, I’m back, yeah. Standing on the rooftops shout it out, baby I’m ready to go. I’m back and I’m ready to go.”- 1pt

  1. " I nearly lost you there. Did you hear the distant voices calling me back to my sin?"- 2pts

  2. " You’re sick and you’re beautiful."- 2pts

  3. " You came in with the breeze Sunday morning. You sure have changed since yesterday, without any warning. I thought I knew you. I thought I knew you well, so well." –1pt

  4. " There’s been times, I’m so confused, but all my roads they lead to you. I can’t just turn and walk away. It’s hard to say what I see in you, wonder if I’ll always be with you. But words can’t say, and I can’t do enough to prove it’s all for you." –1pt

  5. “If you want beautiful, pitiful, have me in a picture. And if you want to make me dance, throw me around, spin upon your finger.” –2pts

  6. “Tell me how you love to hate me. Tell me how you love to care. Well, I just want to shake us up.”- 2pts

  7. " It’s over now, I’m cold, alone, just a person on my own. Nothing means a thing to me. It’s not a habit, it’s cool, I feel alive, if you don’t have it you’re on the other side. " –2pts

  8. " You’re here to tempt me, and it’s all I can do to keep from running to try something new." –3pts

  9. " Prithee, my dear, why are we here? Nobody knows. We go to sleep as breathing flows. My mind secedes. I bleed." – 2pts

  10. " We been saying we’re going to go somewhere for a long long time, but it never happens. Why’s it never happen?"- 3pts

  11. " Look around, could it bring somebody down if I never made a sound again? Hey look at me, I can write a melody, but I can’t expect a soul to care. "- 2pts

  12. " Got to get back in the arms of a good friend." – 1pt

  13. " Don’t lie to me, tell me where did you sleep last night? In the palace, in the palace, where the sun don’t ever shine, I’d shiver the whole night through." – 2pts cover, 3pts original

  14. " Leave me lying here, because I don’t want to go. Tell me what you really want from me, you’ve got to let me know. "- 2pts

  15. " Black bird singing in the dead of night, take these broken wings and learn to fly. All your life you were only waiting for this moment to arrive." –1pt

  16. " Longing for home again but home Is a feeling I buried in you.“ -3pts

  17. " Won’t you think I’m pretty when I’m standing top the bright lit city.” –2pts

  18. “ We all try hard to live our lives in harmony for fear of falling swiftly overboard, but life is both a major and minor key, just open up the chord.” -3pts

  19. “Life’s for the living so check me tomorrow we’ll see if I’m kidding.” – 2pts

  20. “If shame had a face I think it would kind of look like mine.” –1pt

  21. “ Now from the deepest of the darkest night on the horizon bright light enters sight tight “ -2pts

  22. “Silly rabbit, you can’t see, our team of cracker jacks is at full readiness.” -3pts

  23. “Was nice to watch him play with the big toys we never thought he could be so cruel .” -3pts

  24. “All you see is red lights behind me. Maybe this isn’t what you wanted, baby.” –3pts

  25. “ I never wanted to miss you. But then I never thought I could take pain. Hope it’s warmer for you, princess I in fact hope it’s hot as hell.” –3pts

  26. “I’m crying but don’t pity. I’m dying but just walk away. I’m gonna be all right ‘cause I was screaming but you woke up.” –2pts

  27. “Everyone is made to die some. And it already happened today. So kill it fast and kill it while you don’t know. Or end up like another hero dead “ – 3pts

  28. “And speaking in tongues she casts her spell, Vodka still wet on her lips. I’m quantum flung into a place I’ve always needed to be.” –3pts

  29. “Blue light marches on in the distance could be a tv or a ufo. Most nights, they start at least six times. Maybe I’m in the movies. Maybe I don’t know.” –4pts

  30. “Assure me it’s ok to use my heart and not my eyes to navigate the darkness. Will the ending be ever coming suddenly? Will I ever get to see the ending to my story?” –2pts

  31. “All the world is sleeping like a baby tonight I wanna see you dead, laying in the muddy ground.” – 3pts

  32. “ In my dreams I can see and feel your face. But next to me sits an empty space . Sometimes this life doesn’t make any sense to me . I need some time to heal and some space to breathe.” –2pts

  33. “ Something in the way she doesn’t hear a word I say, I’m in love.” –2pts

  34. “There’s no one else I want beside you, you need a colder shoulder to cry upon. You’re never anywhere I find you, you’re never anything I rely upon.” –3pts

  35. “They’re pushing these children for all the wrong reasons. So far, man, you’re crushing down their spirits. Suffocate, emancipate, turn their backs and walk away eventually.” –3pts

  36. “Intertwined, you and I, our blood flows from the same inside. Half of me, breathes in you. Thoughts of love remain true.” –2pts

  37. “ Looking down on my home planet, what a lonely place to be. Said good-bye to all family, don’t think I’ll be back home in time to see them off to heaven from the places that I’ve been. “ –4pts

  38. “Can you see now I’m guilty by the way I need you, now? A broken heart with new direction; A blank, blank line with no inflection. “ –3pts

2.Blink 182
3.Barenaked Ladies
7.Lenny Kravitz
10.Natalie Imbruglia
12.Tori Amos
25.Smashing Pumpkins
34.Better Than Ezra
36.Lucious Jackson
40.Eve 6
43.U2 (one of my favorite songs by them)
45.Led Zepplin original,STP cover
50. Eagle Eye Cherry

64.Duncain Sheik
68.hate to admit to knowing it, but…Creed
70.Matchbox 20
77.Goo Goo Dolls
84.Depeche Mode
86. The Flys
88.Alice In Chains
90.Green Day
That took awhile.

115.No Doubt
I recognize alot of them but I can’t remember what they’re from.

I think you have 33 points, Dogchow (I’ll doubt check later.)

However, #10, 32 , and 51 are incorrect.

  1. Local H (excellent band, btw)
    95: 311
  1. Local H (excellent band, btw)
    95: 311
    113: Screaming Trees

bloody server…
112: Republica
118: Collective Soul
125: Cover: Nirvana. Original: Leadbelly.

(last one, I promise)
10: Local H (again)

Ok, I’m definitely not gonna win, but it was fun trying.

  1. Blink 182
  2. Barenaked Ladies
  3. Lenny Kravitz
  4. Savage Garden
  5. Rage Against the Machine
  6. Jimmy Eat World
  7. Eagle Eye Cherry
  8. Green Day
  9. The Offspring

Erm, kindly ignore #35. I was confused. cough

Well, you included a few for the old farts like me:

  1. Zombies
  2. Guess Who
  3. Pink Floyd
  4. Led Zeppelin
  5. Moody Blues
  6. Rolling Stones
  7. Beatles

Here’s my first contribution:

  1. Swirl 360
  2. Foo Fighters (this one took awhile - it’s just a bit of shouting)
  3. Tracy Chapman
  4. The Offspring
  5. The Cranberries (I think?)
  6. Cake
  7. Days of the New
  8. Live
  9. Jars of Clay
  10. Sister Hazel

This is tough! I’m still working on a bunch more…

A couple more:

20 Fuel
61 Deep Blue Something

32 Faith No More
48. Gin Blossoms
65. Sebadoh
92. Red Hot Chili Peppers
101. Sarah McLachlan
107. Duran Duran
110. Semisonic
119. K’s Choice
123. Superdrag

and did you realize you gave the answer to 54 when you wrote it?

(I hit submit too soon!)

  1. Matthew Sweet
  2. Travis

No. I guess it’s a good thing I didn’t assign it any points :smack:

  1. Blink 182
  2. Barenaked Ladies
  3. Lenny Kravitz
  4. Local H
  5. Foo Fighters
  6. Shawn Colvin
  7. Smashing Pumpkins
  8. Pink Floyd
  9. Madonna
  10. Better Than Ezra
  11. Luscious Jackson
  12. Nine Inch Nails
  13. Bush
  14. Eve 6
  15. U2
  16. INXS
  17. The Soup Dragons
  18. Coldplay
  19. R.E.M.
  20. Jewel
  21. The Cranberries
  22. Duncan Shiek
  23. Radiohead
  24. Days of the New
  25. Matchbox 20 [although I think they’re spelling 20 now]
  26. The Smiths
  27. Live
  28. Stabbing Westward
  29. Depeche Mode
  30. Jars of Clay
  31. Bush
  32. Alice In Chains
  33. STP
  34. Green Day
  35. Joan Osborne
  36. The Red Hot Chili Peppers
  37. The Offspring
  38. 311
  39. Marcy Playground
  40. Sarah McLaughlin
  41. Duran Duran
  42. Republica
  43. No Doubt
  44. Kay’s Choice
  45. Matthew Sweet
  46. Nirvana, but it’s a cover of a Muddy Waters song I think
  47. The Beatles
  48. Hoobastank