Guess the song from the reworded lyrics

I’ve been kicking this idea around in my head for a while. There might be some overlap with this thread, but it should still be fun.

The idea is that one poster rewords some of the lyrics from a song, and the other posters guess what the song is. For example: “Proceed, Johnny, Proceed”= “go, Johnny, go” from Johnny B. Goode. The word order/sentence structure can also change, so “carry on, Johnny” would work as well.
Here we go.

  1. Males born in the last month of the year are unfortunate.

  2. Maintain a grip on your self esteem, but I know that you will be defeated.

  3. I can’t believe you are leaving me here in a place lacking so much warmth. Perhaps it’s because I ask too much. I might take after my father, particularly in being over assertive. I think you might share some characteristics with my mother, who is never pleased.

Looks good to me. I’ll think of some to ask later - a little craft is required.

  1. *Surrender *Cheap Trick
  2. Purple Rain Prince
  1. Is Prince, but isn’t it “When Doves Cry”?

Number three is indeed When Doves Cry, but it’s from the album Purple Rain so it’s an understandable mistake.
The guess for number two however, is incorrect. The clue for that one might be flawed though, I’m not sure “self-esteem” is the right for the word it replaces. It’s got a different shade of meaning.

Feel free to post your own reworded lyrics.

I have no answers (‘ceptin’ that I knew number 3 was “When Doves Cry”, for what it’s worth), but I like the idea of this game so much I want to post one:
I have arrived in order to bestow upon you a curse of miserable felicitations, because you are maleficent and tell falsehoods, and if you should relinquish life, I won’t dwell upon it. Much.

Shamelessly stealing from [post=3718115]Dooku[/post]:

I endorse a gluteus of the porcine variety - yea, verily.

And you, my compatriots, must endorse as well. When some young female of the paradoxical variety, having both a slender abdomen and a lower shank brimming with adipose tissue, comes within your field of vision the spongy tissue in the major maxillary feasts upon your rich red essence and distorts the natural drape of your lower garments.

IOW: “Baby Got Back” - Sir Mix-A-Lot :slight_smile:

Istanbul (¬Constantinople) by Zorn’s Lemming, via reformat_songs.

Unhappy Birthday -The Smiths.

Let’s see…

“Medici woman in the mirror, would you care to engage in a noncorporeal hustle?”

“Gazing unblinkingly marineward, gazing unblinkingly at the rounded grains of silica between 1/2 and 2 mm in diameter”

“Staring at the sea, staring at the sand” – Killing an Arab; The Cure.

Mine: “The emotion that I harbor is somewhat odd. It’s difficult for me to conceal.”

Elton John “Your Song”

  1. I am in repose in a stannic recepticle, elevated beyond the terrene.

  2. Scream, doubly! Release fully! Herein are the matters I can ignore.

Space Oddity; David Bowie.

Shout; Tears for Fears.

One more before I leave for work:

*Regale us with your opus, though Apollo’s steeds have completed their traversal of the firmament.

Before the sun goes down, prior to dinner
Adjacent to the governement building they’re beginning to get loose.
A quartet at the intersection are attempting to cheer you
William selects a song and performs it on harmonica.


At the intersection, on the roadway
William and the unfortunates are performing
Bring five cents, stomp the ground.

Lucretia, my reflection (dance the ghost with me)

My nociceptors are not firing at all. Everyone is attaining a displacement from me similar to that of an extremely remote sailing vessel or a mass of solid particulates approaching the point at which the Earth’s surface curves away from me. In fact, my perception of everyone is altered to the point that it seems Newton’s theory about the nature of the photon was entirely incorrect.

CCR, “Down on the Corner”

Pink Floyd, “Comfortably Numb”

Simply speak, and my associates will appear promptly,
Their talons unsheathed, lowering the temperature of the evening.
Are you especially scared by my presence behind you?
An electrical storm is no less fierce than me!
I’ll inscribe your monument with my message of gratitude for this meal.
We creatures enjoy the very finest of pastimes.

That’s Hang On to Your Ego, by Frank Black.

I allowed you to dwell in my opulent abode, which you derided by comparing it to the run-down homes of the poor. We were fecund, producing many heirs. Presently, though, you would prefer to spend your time elsewhere than with our offspring.

Down On the Corner by CCR

“He encountered a prostitute in a city below sea level,
Flaunting her womanly wares on the avenue”
“Perambulating in a town known for music,
Levitating 3 meters above the pavement.”
“You cannot consistently acquire what you desire,
However, given a temporal frame, you may locate what you require.”