Intellectualize song lyrics game

Shamelessly stolen from a Something Awful Comedy Goldmine.

Post a lyric to a song, that’s been smartened up a little bit, then someone has to guess what the song is. I’ll start it rolling.

There are females in my living room engaging in intercourse,
and they are not departing until six o’clock in the AM

Its some rap tune like “Area Codes” isn’t it?

Yeah it definitely sounds like rap. 50 cent?

OK I have another…

“‘Perchance is there an appropriate egress route’, the jovial harlequin asked of the footpad. ‘Discomfiture abounds here, and mollification is not mine’”

All along the watchtower??


No reason to be depressed:
Father has come into possession of a most splendid new reticule!

xgxlx, isn’t that from “gin and juice” i think the line goes something like: “there are bitches in the living room gettin it on, and they ain’t leavin’ til six in the morning?”

I don’t usually listed to rap, but I love The Gourd’s version of this song.

Papa’s go a brand new bag?

The temperature in this living area is rising considerably.
In order to remain comfortable, it is advisable to remove all garments, post-haste.

Nelly “Hot in herre”

(misspelling is his)

How about:

“You are the (paradoxical) visible manifestation of the refraction of white light through natural precipitation in an area lacking illumination”

Returned in a rather dark color. Collapsed upon my sleeping pallet. Perhaps too long has passed since my leaving, it pleases me to have returned.

Propel (x3) your craft - carefully down the aqueous solution
Ecstatically (x4), existence is but an illlusion!


Johnny-AC/DC’ s “Back in Black”

Mars- the old standard “Row, Row, Row your boat”

“Supply me with propellant, supply me with some kind of exposed incendiary, supply me with everything I want”

MrBoy: careful, metallica might sue you! (Fuel)

Damn! No way I’ll be able to quote Alanis Morisette in this thread.

Cranium, deltoid, anterior cruciate ligament and phalanges

head and shoulders, knees and toes…

Head, shoulders, knees and toes (knees and toes!).

“A senescent female who, for reasons unfathomable to me, consumed a muscus domesticus, faces possible demise.”