Elie Wiesel attacked in San Francisco

I’m not even going to bother with expletives - this thing pits itself. Some holocaust denier attacked Elie Wiesel at a conference. There’s just so much wrong here that I don’t know where to start, except with my fervent hope that this jerk has an unfortunate run-in with a very large bus.

I just saw this too. Words can’t even begin to explain how profoundly sad I feel.

Not angry or outraged, just sad and beaten down. How long must the fight go on?

Thank God he wasn’t hurt.

My thought exactly. What a pitiful tweaker his attacker was, but thank God he was an ineffectual pitiful tweaker. I saw the title and dreaded reading that Wiesel was in the hospital, or worse.


Hm! Weisel might be the next president of Israel! (So says the article.)

Wouldn’t he have to acquire Israeli citizenship first?

While the thing pits itself, it’s too bad that Wiesel didn’t pull a Buzz Aldrin.

AFAIK, If you are a Jew and have an Oleh (Jew immigrant to Israel) certificate, that can be turned into a citizenship document when going to live in Israel.

There is already a precedent of Israel looking around the world for leadership:


Yes, that Albert Einstein.

Some things just make you despair of humanity. I can’t believe that anyone should have to hear about this shit, let alone go through it.

If Hitler couldn’t get Elie, this bastard can’t.

But still, dammit! :mad:

I tried to look up the “ZioPedia” article mentioned in the article linked in the OP as being posted by one identifying himself as “Eric Hunt” and claiming credit for the attack. I found the website easily, and the search function turned up what was clearly the article in question – but every time I clicked the link, it took me right back to the homepage. :confused:

It makes me very happy to know that the bragadocious little scumfuck posted his crime online and that it came back to bite him. Anonymous internet, my ass. I hope the police have got the right guy and I hope he does his fair share of suffering behind bars.
He’ll never know a fraction of the anguish people experienced under the Reich.

:confused: Has anyone been arrested in this case?

“Videotaping this crime spree was the best idea ever!”*

Actually, he may not be all that *dumb *for bragging about his crime. He knows he’s going to prison and he may hope to be protected while incarcerated by the Aryan Brotherhood or other like-minded-fuckwad group. He’ll also get a measure of fame among these groups on the outside, and they might help him pay for his legal expenses and may help him get “set up” when he’s eventually released.

Wow. Instant nausea. I have so much respect for this man… just… why? You know? Why?

Can’t remember board policy towards sites like Ziopedia so will err on the side of caution and not provide a direct link.

Here’s a link to the discussion about this going on over at Metafilter. A link to the Ziopedia article is provided.

Egads. I don’t understand the whole Holocaust deniel concept in the first place. It’s just so hard for me to believe, or accept. But thinking that violently attacking one of the most famous survivors and speakers on the events would help prove it never happened?

Of course I have a working brain, so that might be part of the problem.


I’m just glad Wiesel is alright. And so, so sorry it happened.

It’s sort of an odd interface. Try it again and then scroll down - your search results will appear after the homepage stuff. Took me a few tries to realize what was happening.

Every time you think humanity has sunk to a new low, you will be proven wrong.

Help me out, please: how do you pronounce “Elie Wiesel”? I’ve read a fair amount about him, but don’t recall hearing his name pronounced. I’m gonna guess “EEL-ie VEE-zel” (that’s the former German student in me talking). But there’s always the chance that he pronounces it differently.

The very first time I ever heard about Holocaust deniers, I assumed it was “wishful thinking”-like people who were so overwhelmed and horrified by the very idea, that they refused to believe it happened. That sort of thing.