Israel kills civilians at will - where's the difference

Everybody tells us that Israel is morally superior to the palestineans, who blow up civilians instead of soldiers.

Why then is Israel allowed to shoot missiles at will into croweded cities and refugee camps, killing passer-bys and innocent?

I am so sick of it!!!


I believe the term you’re looking for is collateral damage. The Israeli’s, though, are actually dealing with this crap as a matter of national security. They’re small, surrounded by hostile nations (well, Syria and Lebanon now, as Egypt and Jordan have gone all ‘non-agression’ on us) and they have thousands of potential hostiles living within their borders. They’re fighting terrorists, who threaten (unlike the Israeli Defence Forces, who do NOT specifically target civilians) any person in Israel.

These refugee camps have, according to the BBC, ‘become breeding grounds for insurgents and terrorists.’ I’ve never been there, but you’ve said it best: killing passer-bys and innocent(s). Their gunships don’t just start raining rockets and 12.7mm rounds into random groups. They find a target and kill it. Whoever gets hit, well, they’re really sorry but you were in the way.

Versus “Bomb explodes in Tel Aviv market, killing twenty and wounding fourty more” or “Bomber destroys bus, killing six.” The ‘moral’ superiority is that Israel picks who to kill. The Palestinian terrorists just kill.

They don’t care anymore. I don’t see any difference, apart that Israel has superior arms. They “suspect” somebody, they fire a rocket, kill innocents. That is morally not defendable. Throwing a 1000kg bomb on the house of an alleged terrorist and killing 10 children is not morally superior.

Too much is excused by “national security” lately, not only in Israel.

Palestinans cheering on 9/11 certainly doesn’t do much for them, PR-wise. Nor does killing Americans or hucking rocks at American investigators. They certainly shouldn’t expect too much sympathy from mainstream America.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah, they cheer so lets kill them. The poor old Brutus, why doesn’t that surprise me? Brutus, as always, you behave like a little kid.

You insipid, predictable halfwit. I never said ‘so lets kill them’. I did say that Palestinians have commited actions that have hurt their public image in America.

Brutus, I just don’t take you seriously. You are biased, immature, childish and you have a total lack of understanding reality.

It is obviously flonks who has no grasp of reality.

Israel is morally superior to the Palestinians, or whatever they choose to call themselves. At this rate, they’ll never get their own country, something they easily could have had in the past. And that whole 9-11 thing, and the dancing in the street has forever damaged their reputation in the USA. Even 100 years from now, Americans will not forget that, I assure you. Some of those fuckers were even celebrating just recently, after that convoy attack on American diplomats, who were ironically there to provide grants for Palestinians.

Israel has every right to strike back, inorder to defend itself from the primitive terrorists. 3 out of 4 Palestinians support genocide bombers, so fuck 3 out of 4 Palestinians. The 1 out of 4, I feel a certain degree of understanding for, but fuck the rest. The Palestinians have mainly themselves and other rotten, impotent arab govts. to blame for their miserable situation. That they are brainwashed and refuse to see this, is their problem.

Israel should make strikes like they carried out yesterday, every single day. As long as the Palestinians are doing jack shit to dismantle terrorist groups among them, then somebody else will do the dismantling for them.

Israel has been far too passive lately, it’s about time they got busy.

So, to sum things up, flonks rant has no merit and is a waste of time, he’s faulting the wrong side.

Israel = :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :cool: :wink:
Palestinians = :confused: :rolleyes: :mad: :eek:

I could be wrong here, but aren’t the Isreali attacks usually reported as retaliation for a Palestinian attack?

Can we find an Isreali attack that wasn’t in retaliation to a specific attack? That would certainly improve your position in the debate.

My three favourite pinheads in one thread. What are the odds?

simplistic dittohead pish. You should go for a job at Fox News.

Guilty without trial, right? Collateral damage? And you wonder why so many are willing to kill themselves in market places?


Interesting how you complain about the negative image of “celebrating 9/11” and not mention the images of Palestinains offering support for America the next day.
do you think killing innocents in an attempt to kill a terrorist is good PR?

Daisy Cutter is advocating extrajudicial execution for thought crime.

I sincerely hope nobody ever lets this kind of berk get anywhere near political office.

You mean as opposed to some people already in political office who are practicing extrajudicial execution against us just for being who we are?

Sharon and the phalangists, you mean?

Well, if Arafat is the person in office to whom you refer, and if Arafat is indeed sponsoring the terrorism, then Daisy would be the moral equivalent of Arafat, which seems about right.

To clarify:

Does anyone in this thread honestly believe it is OK to kill someone (read: innocent civilians) solely because they share ethnicity and geographical location with another person who perpetrated an attack against you?

So, if my brother was killed in a violent crime in the US, can I legitimately kill all Americans I meet, just because, and still hold the moral high ground?

Is that what people are suggesting here? Honestly? For real? If not, can we have clarification please.

No, infact some of the worst months in terms of death tolls for the Palestinians have been months in which no suicide bombings occur.

the no. of Isreal;i offensives vastly outweigh the number of suicide bombings and shootings by Palestinians, it is just generally that Palestinian deaths are less reported in the media esp. in the US. There was a study released a couple of years ago now about the pattern of reporting in the conflict of how Palestinian deaths only get coverage after suicide bombings even when they have been occuring steadily before the event.

I won’t even pretend to have any real understanding of the Israel/Palestinian conflict, because as soon as I feel I have a grip on what is going on, something comes along to shatter my presumptions. So, basically I feel much the same as flonks in that the supposed ‘good guys’ one week might have rescinded their position by the following week. Neither Israel or Palestine (IMHO) have the moral high-ground in this ‘war’.

And I wonder whether posters such as Daisy Cutter and Brutus have any fucking clue either. By all means, barrack for your ‘team’ as you are wont…but don’t be so one-eyed as to overlook their shortcomings and their reprehensible actions.

And Daisy? Recommendations like:

, and:

just make me sick to the stomach.

What a grand way to promote peace in the region. :rolleyes:

As bad as Sabra and Shatila were, it says something that you have to dig deep – over 20 years ago – to come up with something as bad as the Palestinian strategy of intentionally targeting women and children (anyone) as a military strategy.

That is exactly the point …

Apart from that: I am so sick of the ME conflict… Sometimes I ask myself, why this region gets so much media coverage, whereas lots more people die in Africa from AIDS or hunger and nobody cares.

Not to put too fine a point on it: if the Israelis adopted the Palestinian strategy, all the Palestinians would be dead.