Eliezer S. Yudkowsky


I mean, this guy is completely crazy, right? I’m mostly referring to the Staring into the Singularity article here, I haven’t read through them all. I’m extremely dubious, but I thought it was extremely interesting, at least.

I guess, basically, my question is Does anyone actually agree with him? If so, why? Is what he’s talking about fundamentally flawed.

OK, thanks.

When basing your debate on someone else’s assertion, it often helps to give a brief synopis of it along with your link. It is also a good idea to state your own position so others might know where to start.

I don’t think you’re trolling, but one symptom of trolling is to drop a bomb without comment and then sit back and watch. Let’s hear your view first.

Thanks for the advice, Libertarian. Of course, if I were trolling, you’d think I’d pick a more controversial subject than the Singularity…Still, my bad, I apologize everyone. I’m going to let this one die the death it rightly deserves, and work out a better post eventually.

All apologies for wasting 105 (and counting) peoples’ time.