Hieronymus Bosch

Hardly seems worth debating.

LOL!..It must be late, you actually made me snort. Geez, how embarrassing.


Ah, the wonders of computer technology. Don’t ask me how this got on here, I have no idea. Dave, delete this snafu will you? Thanks! :slight_smile:

I can’t disagree with a word of it!!! :wink:

Awww, Pickman, please don’t ask Dave to delete it… if you can stand the embarrassment, I think it’s a good laugh.

I also thought it was a great comment on Bosch.

Well put!

Yer pal,

Oh, man…the poster’s nightmare.

Start an erudite thread sure to attract the most discerning and perspicacious of SDMBers, then clumsily double-send a blank, making you look like a boob; watch in horror as the original post sinks slowly into the gloaming and everybody lines up to mock you on the typing-error-post.

Thanks, Pickman…THIS one’s gonna have me staring at the ceiling at four AM, praying it doesn’t happen to me…


Actually, it doesn’t bother me in the slightest. It’s annoying, sure, but certainly nothing I’m going to hide my head under a paper bag over. I think I’m secure enough in myself not to be too worked up over it. :slight_smile: However, if you’d like to know what I was really posting about, I refer you to my other post of the same title below…which nobody seems to be responding to… :frowning:

In my opinion:



I never realized that Bosch presaged Minimalism! :wink:

I wholeheartedly disagree with that above assertion by PM!
I’ll be the good samartian and post a direct link to the real topic (In case this one becomes too popular)


(It’s easy to be erudite and verbose when you don’t have to say anything…)

Me too.

Can we stick to the OP please? Jeez…

I suspect this thread contains the fewest wrong assertions of any on the entire board.

Well…in MY case, anyway!

I just figured this thread needs to move back up near the real one, for maximum confusion. :wink:

Seems like a good idea to me.