Elijah Wood is back

Here. But I think The Ring has set its mark upon him. I still see Frodo.

He’s got a long road ahead. I once saw a Western with Gary Burghoff (Radar O’Riley)as a swaggering gambler–I laughed.

Anyone else think Elijah’s screwed?

Watch Sin City. You’ll hardly recognize him, and he couldn’t be any more un-Hobbit-like. In fact, he’s scary as shit in that movie, and I think taking the part of Kevin was a good choice he and his agent made.

Nope. Watch Sin City.

Given that he made plenty of movies before LOTR and has another one opening currently (Everything Is Illuminated), it sounds like you’re the one who’s got the problem, not him.

I’ve heard a lot of people compare him to Mark Hamill and how he was never able to be seen in any role other than Luke Skywalker. The difference is that Elijah Wood had already done a ton of movies before doing LotR. I think his career will be just fine.

Agree with the above about Sin Sity. I thougt he also did well in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

He does a fine job in Green Street Hooligans, which is a decent movie though I think it suffers from being a bit implausible in some parts and predictable in others.

LOTR typecasting aside, he doesn’t really have the look for a traditional leading man. Maybe it’s unfair, but he is unlikely to be at the top of the list for a lead in a mass appeal Hollywood movie. That may very well be a good thing for him artistically.

Apparently he’s going to be in the new season of 24, but I don’t know if it’s a regular or guest spot(or a special guest who just happens to appear in 75% of the episodes like Penny Johnson Jerald).

He was also great in a supporting role in “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”.

This one looks interesting too, and “Everything is Illuminated” looks amazing.

Man’s no Mark Hamill. And even Mark Hamill did alright for himself.

Mark Hamill went on to a lot of success and respect as a voice actor, and played a much better Joker than Jack Nicholson could ever have dreamed of being.

Elijah Wood? I’d heard that about Sean Astin, but not Elijah Wood.

Hobbits Shmobbits. Wasn’t Elijah Wood on Lost already? :wink:

I’ll say! I spent the entire movie thinking it was Tobey Maguire playing Kevin.

Then you better stay away from The Ice Storm.

Damnit. Thar’s right.

Got my hobbits confused.